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  1. Technical Problem: 08 Maxima Bluetooth and SWC issues after reverting to factory radio
  2. Advice Needed: Not sure how to proceed - limp mode w/no code
  3. Advice Needed: What Parts to Pull From an SE-R?
  4. Technical Problem: Multiple codes after replacing spark plugs
  5. Advice Needed: Extremely random hard shifting(not valve body)
  6. Advice Needed: Eastern vs Walker Y-Pipe
  7. Advice Needed: Power Steering Whine
  8. Technical Problem: Code P1273
  9. 04-08: 2007 Maxima Ti (J31) same as A34 07 ???
  10. Technical Problem: how to replace speedometer pinion
  11. 04-08: What mods?
  12. Technical Problem: A/C issues
  13. Advice Needed: need syncros, cant find them anywhere
  14. Advice Needed: Shift lock issue
  15. 04-08: Oxygen O2 Fuel/Air Ratio Sensor Locations 2005 SE Auto Trans
  16. Advice Needed: Radiator support
  17. 07-08: cvt fail safe mode
  18. Advice Needed: Low idle and oil pressure light on after cai install
  19. Advice Needed: P0420 after o2 sensor fuse was put in.
  20. Advice Needed: O2 sensor codes, but not the problem???
  21. Technical Problem: QSPI memory selected for smarter things and environment
  22. Advice Needed: Buying a Maxima
  23. Technical Problem: Brake light
  24. Technical Problem: Whining noise from engine bay
  25. Advice Needed: SLIP Light Blinking/Grinding Noise
  26. Advice Needed: Help! Jumpy Idle No Power, Car Goes Into Limp Mode When Hot
  27. 04-06: need help on connector
  28. 07-08: scraping/grinding noise, maintenance advice
  29. Advice Needed: 07 cvt, throttle body, or other issue?
  30. Advice Needed: HELP!
  31. Technical Problem: 04 Maxima 5speed automatic cranks but doesn't start
  32. Advice Needed: Look at this timing
  33. 04-06: Noisy AC compressor ... maybe clutch?
  34. Technical Problem: Audiovox Mediabridge Install Is Affecting Speedometer?!
  35. 07-08: Cooling System temp range
  36. Technical Problem: Clutch Pedal Low Pressure and engagement point
  37. Technical Problem: Timing off 21 degrees
  38. Technical Problem: 2007 3.5 losing power
  39. Technical Problem: 2004 Maxima SL smoke from underhood
  40. Technical Problem: Help me before I burn my car to the ground
  41. Advice Needed: Could use some advice 110k miles
  42. Advice Needed: Where to buy motor mounts
  43. Advice Needed: Intelligent Key Issue
  44. Technical Problem: Blower Motor / Squeel Noise From Dash When Heat On / Heated Seat Question
  45. Advice Needed: I'm a car idiot and I'm buying a 2007 maxima with 95k miles for $12k
  46. Advice Needed: 05 SE thoughts on these filters / oil / air / Purolator PureONE / 87 / 89 / synthetic
  47. Technical Problem: battery light comes on when i accelerate to 3500 rpm
  48. Advice Needed: Can't find Exhaust systems.
  49. Feedback: What is this part.
  50. Technical Problem: My AC is blowing hot!
  51. Advice Needed: ABS Issues: HELP! GREMLINS
  52. Advice Needed: SRS Airbag on; Next step?
  53. Advice Needed: Roof spoiler
  54. Advice Needed: ABS Pump on while car is off
  55. Advice Needed: ABS Pump for MT
  56. Technical Problem: Multiple Interior Electrical Failures
  57. Technical Problem: A/C Freeon Leak
  58. Advice Needed: Removing Radiator
  60. Advice Needed: Body Clips Under The Hood
  61. Advice Needed: 04 smoke and burning rubber smell passenger side
  62. Advice Needed: 05 maxima no start and more issues
  63. Advice Needed: Raw fuel smell on cold start
  64. Advice Needed: 2006 maxima jerking...please help
  65. Technical Problem: 2004 maxima passenger side ac doesn't work
  66. 04-06: Automatic driver positioner/Retracting steering wheel and Reverse mirrors not workin
  67. Advice Needed: Help rpm high car stalls
  68. Technical Problem: Ignition switch issue, car won't turn on
  69. Advice Needed: Aftermarket Clutch With Stock Flywheel
  70. Technical Problem: ECU COMPATIBILITY
  71. 04-06: VIAS not staying open
  72. 04-06: Need help w dome light switch asap
  73. Advice Needed: 6th gen vs 5.5 gen max 6speed what's better?
  74. Advice Needed: Vibration during acceleration only
  75. Technical Problem: Navigation System Map Stuck at one location
  76. Advice Needed: Spark Plug
  77. Advice Needed: seat belt light
  78. Advice Needed: 2004 Maxima Se Control Valve/Valvebody vs 04-06 Altima 3.5SE-Sl Valve body.
  79. Advice Needed: Side Mirror Replacement for 07'
  80. Advice Needed: Confused About Struts And Shocks
  81. Technical Problem: Factory Grounding Points
  82. Technical Problem: Code 0420 & 0430 Simultaneously
  83. Advice Needed: Marker Light
  84. Advice Needed: Battery And Brake Light Come On With A.C.
  85. Advice Needed: Oil Change
  86. Technical Problem: Airbag Question
  87. 07-08: Bose With Navigation Questions
  88. Technical Problem: P1136 Code Need Help
  89. Advice Needed: Car Lost All Power
  90. Advice Needed: Shifter Not Returning To Center
  91. Technical Problem: Lights Out
  92. Advice Needed: 06 Maxima 4-speed Automatic
  93. Technical Problem: IPDM Relay's
  94. Technical Problem: Need help bolt broke off inside the housing
  95. Technical Problem: Stumble, No Power After Y-pipe & Rear Mount
  96. Advice Needed: Help 08 Maxima Not Starting
  97. Technical Problem: Service Question
  98. Advice Needed: Ticking Coming From Engine Around The Pulleys
  99. Advice Needed: Service Maintenance Question
  100. Advice Needed: Haynes Manual
  101. 04-08: Quarter Panel Damage And Beyond
  102. Technical Problem: Humming/Buzzing Noise
  103. Advice Needed: Looking To Upgrade, Looking For Feedback
  104. Advice Needed: Coils
  105. Advice Needed: IACV Or Idle Air Control Valve Cleaning
  106. Feedback: Loose Wire, Any Idea
  107. Advice Needed: Shops In NYC
  108. Advice Needed: Bank One Secondary Wiring Diagram
  109. Feedback: Consult II Alternative
  110. Feedback: What Is The Last Light Of Your Dash To Turn Off
  111. Advice Needed: I Need Help In NYC
  112. Advice Needed: Broken Light Switch Help
  113. Advice Needed: 6.5 Center Console Swap
  114. Advice Needed: p0430 Failing Cats
  115. Advice Needed: Exhaust Smell In Passenger Compartment
  116. Technical Problem: The Horrible P0744
  117. Advice Needed: Noise 1200-1500 RPM
  118. Technical Problem: Driving Me Insane/Power Window
  119. Advice Needed: Cupping Rear Tires
  120. Advice Needed: P0420 After Overheat And Repairs
  121. Advice Needed: Driver Seat Frame Broken
  122. Advice Needed: Taking Apart The Headlight / Turn Signal Stalk
  123. Advice Needed: This Thing Just Won't Come Out
  124. Technical Problem: 04 Radiator Fan Wont Spin
  125. Advice Needed: 2007 Cluster In 04
  126. Review: New NWP Product
  127. Advice Needed: Steering Wheel Making Weird Noise
  128. 04-06: MPG
  129. Advice Needed: MAF Sensor
  130. Appreciation: Finally Plastidip My Wheels
  131. Advice Needed: Maintenance Notification Issue
  132. 04-06: Stalling In Neutral
  133. Technical Problem: ABS/Brake/TCS/Slip Lights, Gauges Nothing, Slow Acceleration
  134. 05-06: Power Folding Mirror Not Folding
  135. Technical Problem: Car "Stutters" When Trying To Accelerate From Stop
  136. Technical Problem: A/C Rough Idle Problem On 2006 SL
  137. Technical Problem: P2A00 Code: Engine Light
  138. Technical Problem: 6th Gen Motor Mount With Wire Durrability Improvement.
  139. Advice Needed: Engine Code
  140. Technical Problem: Cruise Control Blinking
  141. Advice Needed: Immobilizer Kicked In
  142. Feedback: Strut Bar And Spacer Kit
  143. Advice Needed: Electric Whine When Accelerating
  144. Vent/Rant: Need Left Side Mirrors
  145. Advice Needed: P1274 After Header Install
  146. Technical Problem: Backup Sensor Buzzer Location
  147. Technical Problem: Need Help, I Have A Wheel Spacer Problem!
  148. Feedback: Who Got A Ticket For Ebay Exhaust
  149. Advice Needed: Bolt Heads Broke Off
  150. Feedback: Spacer Kit/ FSTB Question
  151. Advice Needed: How Much Is It To Program A Key?
  152. Advice Needed: Rocker Switch Wiring Problem
  153. Advice Needed: Car Won't Move In Drive Or Neutral Just Keeps Revving
  154. Advice Needed: Holy Curb Rash!!!
  155. Technical Problem: Starter Or Something Else??
  156. Technical Problem: Need Help Identifying Camshaft Sensor Location
  157. Technical Problem: Downstream O2 Sensor Wiring
  158. 04-08: Motor Mounts
  159. Technical Problem: Outside Buzzer
  160. Technical Problem: AC / Heating Issue
  161. Feedback: What Model Wheels Are These
  162. 04-08: Instagram Anyone
  163. Technical Problem: Rough Start, Sometimes Stalls And Codes P0011, P0021, P1800
  164. Advice Needed: How Much Should I Pay For Labor?
  165. Advice Needed: "Driver Side Boot Split And Leaking" -- What To Do?
  166. Technical Problem: Replacing Rear Swaybar Bushings
  167. Technical Problem: Replacing Rear Control Arm Bushings
  168. Advice Needed: Suspension Help
  169. 04-06: How To Change A Negative Ground Cable
  170. Advice Needed: What First?
  171. Suggestion: Shaky
  172. Testimonial: Redlion Racing Collars And Bushes
  173. Advice Needed: 05 and 07 trunk fitment
  174. 04-06: Could Use Advice on This Choice
  175. Advice Needed: Cattman Headers with Racingline Y-Pipe
  176. Advice Needed: Headlight function?
  177. Technical Problem: Key Fob
  178. Feedback: Fog Lights
  179. Suggestion: 07-08 Hood For Conversion
  180. Advice Needed: Entire Left Headlight Stopped Working
  181. Advice Needed: What does that button do?
  182. 07-08: Ignition Issue
  183. Advice Needed: Help! What's Wrong With My Car??
  184. Advice Needed: Trunk Wont Open Battery Dead
  185. 04-06: I Have To Change Timing Chain. Is There Anything Else I Should Replace With It?
  186. Technical Problem: Turning Light Issues
  187. Technical Problem: Clicking Noise Coming From Under The Hood (video)
  188. Advice Needed: Radiator Support
  189. Advice Needed: eBay Motor Mount 3pc
  190. 04-08: Resonator Removed. Will It Pass Smog?
  191. Advice Needed: Intelligent Key Door Handle Button
  192. Suggestion: ideas for my 04 max
  193. Feedback: Life Expectancy Of A 2007 Maxima SE?
  194. Advice Needed: Accidentally Scraped Bottom Of Car, Weird Sound
  195. Advice Needed: Level10 vs Sunbelt
  196. 2008 Only: Power Steering Whine
  197. Technical Problem: need help random rattle??
  198. Advice Needed: Must-Have Tools?
  199. Advice Needed: Power Steering Pump?
  200. Technical Problem: Ignition/Starting Issues
  201. Advice Needed: My Car wont start? 8(
  202. Feedback: Blower Motor Replacement
  203. Advice Needed: Installing Spacers And Spark Plugs
  204. Advice Needed: Normal Noise Or Is There A Problem
  205. Advice Needed: Which Spacers Do I Need?
  206. Technical Problem: My Car Shit The Bed?
  207. Advice Needed: How Do I Change Header Gaskets?
  208. Advice Needed: What Kind of Oil?
  209. Advice Needed: Wrecked my Max. Airbag question
  210. Advice Needed: Is This A Good Deal? (AC work)
  211. Advice Needed: Slotted Brakes = No No
  212. Technical Problem: Hummng Noise
  213. Advice Needed: Fan/AC Sometimes Works And Sometimes Doesn't
  214. 2004 Only: Electrical Issues, Please Help
  215. 04-08: Need Help On This Problem. Any Suggestions?
  216. Technical Problem: Sunroof motor or switch?
  217. Advice Needed: Motor Mount W/O Sensor... Vibration?
  218. Technical Problem: 2006 Max Issue
  219. Advice Needed: AC Leaking Inside The Car ?
  220. Technical Problem: Starting Problem?
  221. Feedback: MPG Anyone?
  222. Technical Problem: Where Is the Power Window Relay/ Fuse?
  223. Technical Problem: Intelligent Key Problems
  224. Advice Needed: Power Steering Gone!
  225. Advice Needed: AC Question After Replacing Hose
  226. 2005 Only: Kona Blue Metallic or Majestic Blue??
  227. Advice Needed: Guys I Need Help ASAP With Car Trade Advice
  228. Advice Needed: Broken Dome Light Switch
  229. Technical Problem: Going Crazy
  230. 04-08: Where In The H&77?
  231. Advice Needed: Headliner Glue
  232. Advice Needed: Window Problems, Help
  233. Advice Needed: DTRL Are Out, Cornering Lights, And Brake Lights....
  234. Advice Needed: Castrol Transmax Matic K
  235. Advice Needed: Can't Remove O2 Sensor To Save My Life!
  236. Suggestion: Burning Engine Oil Or Is It Normal?
  237. Advice Needed: ECM Problems
  238. 04-08: CEL: P1031, P1051, P1148, P1168
  239. Advice Needed: Does Anyone Know How To Adjust Ksport Coilovers?
  240. Advice Needed: Non Maxima Advice Needed
  241. Advice Needed: Can Leaking Rear Strut Cause Rear to Sway Out?
  242. Advice Needed: Crappy Fuel Economy
  243. Advice Needed: When Driving On Coilovers It Sways To The Left When Hitting A Bump
  244. Advice Needed: Non Maxima Related Engine Question
  245. 07-08: Low Temperature Thermostat
  246. Technical Problem: Car Clicks And Won't Start, Battery??
  247. Advice Needed: Vertical Doors
  248. 04-08: Elite Maxima for Sale 77k for 8700$
  249. 04-06: Lower Octane Causing Idle Stumble
  250. Suggestion: Personalized License Plates