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  1. 04-06: Map Lamp Assembly Light Dome Upper Roof Console On Off Switch
  2. Advice Needed: Tachometer issues
  3. Technical Problem: Headlight bulb replacement issue
  4. 2008 Only: HID Headlights flickering
  5. Technical Problem: 2004 Maxima fog light switch not illuminating
  6. Technical Problem: 07 Max A/C & radio had coke poured on it, now electrical problems
  7. Advice Needed: Help with finding color code! Code isnt on my Vin sticker
  8. Advice Needed: AC control not working
  9. Technical Problem: Slave Cylinder?
  10. Technical Problem: Brake Light Fuse Keeps Going Bad
  11. Technical Problem: Brake Lights Won't Work
  12. Technical Problem: Rear seat lock
  13. 07-08: What's the handle on the right side of my driver's seat?
  14. Advice Needed: Lumber Not Working
  15. 2004 Only: Key less entry gone haywire
  16. Advice Needed: rear view mirror temp gauge
  17. 2004 Only: need DRL relay part #
  18. Technical Problem: Ambient Temp Sensor reading 131F Vents blowng cold air
  19. Advice Needed: Trying to disassemble headlight..RUSTED SCREW!!
  20. Advice Needed: Ezkoncept Tails
  21. 07-08: stock hid went purple
  22. Advice Needed: Radiator Core Support Removal
  23. 07-08: Vanity Mirror Bulb Lenses
  24. Advice Needed: Mirror Swap
  25. Technical Problem: Broke Light Socket In Dome Light
  26. Advice Needed: Replacing Front Bulbs
  27. Advice Needed: Rear Panel Install
  28. 07-08: Fog/Parking Light
  29. 04-06: Cornering Light Bypass
  30. Advice Needed: Underbody Rust Issue
  31. Advice Needed: LED Tail Light Problem
  32. Advice Needed: Rear Door Panel/Window Motor
  33. Technical Problem: Auto Lock
  34. Feedback: Gloss Black Vinyl Top
  35. 07-08: OEM/Aftermarket HID's Intermittent Issue
  36. Technical Problem: Interior Lights/Park/Tail lights 2004 Model
  37. Advice Needed: LEDs
  38. Advice Needed: DRL HID Kit
  39. Advice Needed: Need Replacement Side Mirror
  40. Technical Problem: Reverse Light Always On
  41. Advice Needed: 04 And 05 Fuel Filler Doors
  42. 07-08: Aftermarket Headlights
  43. Advice Needed: Windshield Wipers Stopped Working
  44. Advice Needed: Yellow Bulbs For Fogs And Cornering
  45. Advice Needed: How To Shorten E-brake And Shift Knob
  46. Advice Needed: 6.5 Trunk Lid On A 6th gen
  47. Advice Needed: Scratches And Old Touch Ups
  48. Advice Needed: Chrome Strip Help
  49. Advice Needed: Fog Light Assembly Replacement
  50. Advice Needed: Headlight restore advice
  51. Advice Needed: Rear trunk Spoilers?
  52. Technical Problem: Wiring Question IPCW Taillights
  53. Advice Needed: Tachometer Stuck
  54. Technical Problem: Trunk "Plug" Missing
  55. Advice Needed: Defrost Vent Squeal
  56. Advice Needed: High Beam Headlight Issue
  57. 07-08: Help On HID Kits For 6.5 Gen Maxima
  58. 04-06: 2007 Cluster Upgrade
  59. Advice Needed: Metallic Window Tint Interferes With TPMS
  60. Technical Problem: Headlight Fuse Keeps Popping
  61. Advice Needed: Headlights
  62. Advice Needed: Front Bumper Ideas For 04
  63. Advice Needed: New Halogen Housing And An HID Kit
  64. 04-08: IPCW LED Ruby Red Issue
  65. Advice Needed: 350Z Headlamps On A Maxima
  66. Advice Needed: HID Bulbs And Output
  67. Advice Needed: Steering Wheel Grime
  68. Advice Needed: Roof Chrome Strip
  69. Advice Needed: Gearbox Not Lighting Up
  70. 05-06: Cigarettes Lighter And Fog Lights Not Working
  71. Advice Needed: IPCW LED Bulb Type
  72. Technical Problem: HID Fogs Light Won't Work
  73. Feedback: Windsheild Brow
  74. Technical Problem: Convert Halogen To HID
  75. Advice Needed: Halo Size For 6.0 Head Lights
  76. Advice Needed: Wire For Turn Signal/Hazard Lights?
  77. Advice Needed: Fog Lights For 2005 Maxima
  78. Who Know's How To Customize 6th Gen Headlights
  79. Technical Problem: Backup Sensors
  80. 04-08: Interior Lights Not Working
  81. Technical Problem: How Do I Adjust My Headlight
  82. Advice Needed: New To Maxima Headlight
  83. Advice Needed: Do I Need To Order These From DDM Tuning
  84. 07-08: Having Problems Installing My Dome LED's
  85. Advice Needed: Different HID Kit
  86. Technical Problem: 2006 Fog Lights
  87. Advice Needed: HID Conversion Kits
  88. Advice Needed: Your Grounding Kit Experience
  89. Advice Needed: Key Programing
  90. Technical Problem: This Has Always Bothered Me
  91. Technical Problem: HIDs Won't Work After LED Tail Light Install
  92. Technical Problem: Interior Lights Windows Locks Stopped Working
  93. Advice Needed: The Right LED For The Job?
  94. Advice Needed: Door Panel Suede Cleaning
  95. Advice Needed: Parts Replacement After Front End Collision
  96. Feedback: Need To Repaint My C-Mod Grille
  97. Advice Needed: Paint Job
  98. Advice Needed: Left HID Headlight Not Working
  99. Advice Needed: HID Kit-Piece-Meal
  100. 04-06: How To Remove Ebrake Boot
  101. 04-06: Carbon Fiber Hood
  102. Advice Needed: 6th Gen Body Kit Sizes
  103. Advice Needed: Missing Rocker Panel End Cap
  104. Advice Needed: Car Wash With Plasti Dip Covered Chrome
  105. Advice Needed: Sunroof Rattle
  106. 04-08: Conversion 04 To 08 Does Anyone Know How To Put Your Fogs With The Turn Lights?
  107. 04-06: Removing Silver Ring Around Gauge Cluster?
  108. 04-08: How To Get Plastic Film Off of Chrome Accents
  109. 07-08: HID Kit Or Bulb For Fogs
  110. Technical Problem: Swapping Out Seats, Cloth To Leather, Need Help
  111. Advice Needed: Are These Bulbs Safe?
  112. Advice Needed: Do I Need OEM Foglights??
  113. Advice Needed: Which Roof Rack To Get For 06?
  114. Feedback: LED Lighting/ Circuit Board
  115. Advice Needed: Headlight Issue
  116. Advice Needed: 07 Maxima Headlight Issues
  117. Advice Needed: Putting Door Back Together
  118. 04-06: Worn Door Pins
  119. 04-06: Overhead Console
  120. Advice Needed: Need Some Advice On Painting Interior Pieces (Non 6 Gen)
  121. 2008 Only: Buying VLED, CK or Standard?
  122. Advice Needed: Fixing Fog Light
  123. 07-08: How Do You Exchange Steering Wheels,....?
  124. 04-06: How To Wire 07 Lights
  125. Advice Needed: 08 Maxima Dome Light Lens Rattle
  126. Advice Needed: LED Bulb Upgrade Questions
  127. Technical Problem: Auto Dim Side View Mirrors
  128. Advice Needed: 06 Xenon Projectors Into 07/08 Halogen Headlights
  129. 2008 Only: Can Someone Help Me With Interior Disassembly?
  130. Advice Needed: Anyone Know About This Company
  131. Technical Problem: LED Problem?
  132. Feedback: Can You Put A 2005 - 2008 Front Bumper On 04
  133. Advice Needed: Quick HID Kit Question?
  134. Technical Problem: Installed New LED Taillights But One Stopped Working
  135. Scale From 1 to 10
  136. Advice Needed: Clear Coat Chipping Off?
  137. Advice Needed: How To Cut A Rectangular Hole?
  138. Advice Needed: Electrical Wire Connection
  139. Advice Needed: Door Lock Reset
  140. Advice Needed: Altima Side Mirror With LED On Max
  141. Advice Needed: Driving Without Fender Liners?
  142. 04-06: Vis Front Bumper
  143. Advice Needed: 2004 Maxima Fog Light Out...Any Fun Things To Do Instead Of Replacement Bulb
  144. Advice Needed: GTR Front Bumper
  145. Advice Needed: 04 Bumper To An 07 Bumper
  146. Technical Problem: Front Right Turn Signal Not Working
  147. Technical Problem: Trouble With New Switchbacks
  148. Advice Needed: LED Front Turn Signals
  149. 04-08: Tachometer Back Lighting Flickering
  150. Advice Needed: After Tinting Tail Lights Do You Clear Coat?
  151. Bumper
  152. Advice Needed: Using 08 Hood On Top Of 04 Lights
  153. Advice Needed: Rear Seat Lock Not Opening
  154. Feedback: Plastic Dip Car Interior?
  155. Advice Needed: Good Hid Kit
  156. Headlight HID Trouble
  157. Advice Needed: Halo Driving Lights For 6.5
  158. Advice Needed: Suicide Doors
  159. Feedback: Illuminated Door Sills Project - Update 7/22/12
  160. 04-06: I Need A New Grille
  161. Feedback: HID Fog Lights Don't Turn On
  162. Advice Needed: Projector In Foglights?
  163. Advice Needed: Light Around Ignition
  164. Advice Needed: 04-08 Maxima Bumper Bracket
  165. Advice Needed: Gauge Mod
  166. Advice Needed: Help! Gauge Lighting Not Working!!!
  167. Technical Problem: Problem With Steering Wheel, Seat, And...
  168. Technical Problem: 07-09 Altima Foglights for 6.5 conversion
  169. Advice Needed: 2008 Rear Bumper On A 2004 Body
  170. Advice Needed: Possible Ballast Problem
  171. Carbon Fiber Grille?
  172. Lip
  173. 07-08: GPS Antenna And Location
  174. 04-08: LEDs Under Dash By Crusty Feet. Need Help
  175. 05-06: How Do You Change The Instrumental Dash Lights?
  176. Feedback: Is There A Write Up On How To Change The Light In The Shifter?
  177. Advice Needed: Leather Tear Fix?
  178. 07-08: Independent Fog?
  179. 07-08: Door Reflectors
  180. Advice Needed: Running Wire To The Inside Of Car
  181. Advice Needed: Painting The Dashboard Black
  182. Advice Needed: Chrome Roof Strips Protective Tape??
  183. Advice Needed: FYI: Legality of Tinted Headlights
  184. Technical Problem: Excessive Play In Window When Rolled Down
  185. Advice Needed: Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air
  186. 04-08: Help Finding Radio Center Bezel
  187. Technical Problem: LED Parking Lights Won't Turn On
  188. Feedback: Will Pay For My Headlights Painted
  189. 07-08: No Gauges!!! Help Please!!!
  190. Advice Needed: 06 Headlights
  191. Advice Needed: LED Resistor Question
  192. 07-08: Does Anyone Have These Foglights?
  193. Advice Needed: Headlight Problem
  194. Advice Needed: Headliner Install Difficulty?
  195. Technical Problem: Driver Side Projector Not As Bright As Passenger Side
  196. Advice Needed: South Florida Paint Shop
  197. Advice Needed: What Floormats Do You Use?
  198. 2004 Only: HID Setup Questions
  199. Advice Needed: Looking To Buy my6thgen Decals But Don't Wanna Buy It Online
  200. Advice Needed: 2006 Fog Light Retrofit W/ Blazers
  201. Advice Needed: Stuck On Removing The Overhead Dome Light Cover
  202. Suggestion: Who's Crafty?
  203. Advice Needed: LED Resistors
  204. Feedback: What Kind Of Bottom Grille Will Match The C-mod Grille?
  205. Suggestion: This LIP! Need HELP!
  206. Advice Needed: sunroof not working correctly
  207. 04-06: New C-mod Grille
  208. Feedback: Anyone Ever Use These??
  209. 2005 Only: Fog Lights
  210. 07-08: I Need A Part #...
  211. 07-08: Mesh Grilles
  212. Advice Needed: Headlight Disassemble
  213. Advice Needed: How To Adjust Headlight On My '07
  214. Advice Needed: Dent Removal Hair Dryer & Compressed Air
  215. Need Assistance: Overspray While Doing Lights and Strips
  216. Advice Needed: Removing Window Tint Glue
  217. Advice Needed: HID conversion
  218. Advice Needed: Floor Light Under Glovebox
  219. 04-06: Does Anyone Wrap Roofs In So Cal?
  220. Advice Needed: 2004 Window Regulator - track or motor?
  221. Feedback: Are IPCW LED Taillights Too Bright?
  222. Feedback: Thinking About Painting My C-Mod Grille And Emblems
  223. Advice Needed: How Do I Fix My Left Headlight
  224. Advice Needed: What the F$%K is this Noise!!!! 6.5 Gen
  225. Advice Needed: Hybrid Bumper Using The 04 Headlight Fog
  226. Advice Needed: Firewall Help
  227. Advice Needed: Question About An EZKoncepts Pic...
  228. Advice Needed: Came Across Some LEDs
  229. 2008 Only: DDM Tuning H11 HID Foglight Install
  230. Advice Needed: Factory Headlights
  231. Advice Needed: Need Help With Front Grill And Plasti-Dip!
  232. Advice Needed: Heated Steering Wheel Install
  233. Advice Needed: Chrome Roof Pieces
  234. Suggestion: No 3rd Brake Light
  235. Advice Needed: New Here..Sunroof Issue
  236. Advice Needed: Would These Resistors Work To Stop HyperFlash?
  237. Advice Needed: Debadging Trunk Help
  238. Feedback: Grey Color Comparison Between 6th And 6.5 Gen?
  239. Easiest Way Of Changing Headlight???
  240. Feedback: Lit Up Door Sills, Need Opinions
  241. Advice Needed: LED's Covering Inside of Headlights!
  242. Advice Needed: Vinyl Wrap
  243. Advice Needed: Headlight Aiming
  244. Advice Needed: Stock HID Flickering
  245. Feedback: New Engine Plastics Done!
  246. 04-06: Running Lights, Best Place To Splice In???
  247. Advice Needed: Nissan Teana/ Maxima Tail light Swap?
  248. 04-08: Elite Package Maxima
  249. Advice Needed: Fog Lights Info Needed
  250. Advice Needed: Lower Lights On The Front Bumper Cover