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  1. 07-08: Keyless Entry Sensor
  2. Advice Needed: Electronic parts fuse
  3. Feedback: NIRD-01??? Locations??
  4. Technical Problem: Can Replace just the Fuel Gauge?
  5. Advice Needed: Improve input audio signals to car audio system
  6. Suggestion: FM Transmitter Circuits-The BIG List
  7. Technical Problem: Normal Battery Draining Maxima 6h Gen
  8. Advice Needed: Volt difference
  9. Advice Needed: Subwoofer hookup to stock headunit.HELP!
  10. Advice Needed: eBay Tien coilovers
  12. Advice Needed: Keyless Remote Starter for my 2005 SE?
  13. 04-08: New Soundsystem
  14. 04-08: Sound System
  15. Advice Needed: Upgrading to Kicker L5's 15in
  16. 04-06: Electronic issue (not radio)
  17. 04-06: Steering Wheel controll buttons on the left side is not working
  18. Advice Needed: Replace cigarette lighter jack with USB
  19. Advice Needed: Replace cigarette lighter with USB
  20. Advice Needed: where should I get a grounding kit?
  21. Technical Problem: BCM replacement on 04
  22. Advice Needed: Radio Wiring Harness
  23. Advice Needed: find out if i have a factory remote start
  24. Advice Needed: Dear Lord Help Radio 07 Max
  25. Advice Needed: Speedometer Flickers
  26. Advice Needed: Bose Vs. Aftermarket Sound Quality
  27. Advice Needed: Good camshaft brand or sensor.
  28. Advice Needed: Fitting a set of Pioneer TS-M650PROs in the Rear doors
  29. Technical Problem: Viper 5901 and 05 max issue
  30. 05-06: Need help with subs! Please
  31. Advice Needed: android ipod adapter for a 2004 maxima
  32. Advice Needed: New Deck Doesn't Have 6 Preamp Output
  33. Advice Needed: NDSS Or Bose
  34. Advice Needed: Subwoofer Replacement
  35. Advice Needed: Bass Rattle
  36. 2007 Only: Non-Bose Stereo Swap To Bose Unit
  37. Advice Needed: Subwoofer
  38. Advice Needed: No Sound
  39. Advice Needed: Amp Wiring
  40. 2004 Only: Stereo Not Working
  41. Technical Problem: Window Motor Delay
  42. Advice Needed: Added Weight In Trunk
  43. Advice Needed: Amp Hookup
  44. Advice Needed: Need Help With Tuning
  45. Advice Needed: Steering Wheel Radio Buttons
  46. Technical Problem: Anybody Want To Help Me With A Problem On My 350z
  47. Advice Needed: Wiring Overhead Console Help....
  48. 2005 Only: Speakers Measurements
  49. Advice Needed: Rear Deck Rattle Please Help
  50. Advice Needed: Strickly 2004 Without Navigation Aux Options
  51. Advice Needed: Sound System Help
  52. Advice Needed: Crackling speakers, burnt smell, no sound...
  53. Vent/Rant: The Axxess ASWC-1 Is An Arsehole
  54. Advice Needed: Low Sound In Speakers
  55. Advice Needed: Mysterious Cut Wires Under The Dash
  56. Technical Problem: Break Light Stays On And Now Won't Shift Out Of Park
  57. Advice Needed: Pac Steering Wheel Control
  58. Advice Needed: Grounding Aftermarket HU
  59. 04-06: Please Help
  60. Technical Problem: Pioneer AVH-8400P Back Button Question
  61. Advice Needed: Stock CD Player Problem
  62. Feedback: Gauge Lights
  63. 04-08: Radar Questions Answered
  64. Advice Needed: Radio Swap
  65. Advice Needed: Amp Hook-Up Wire Kit Suggestions
  66. Advice Needed: Kicker L7 Solobaric
  67. 04-06: Aftermarket HU For 6th gen
  68. Advice Needed: Need Location Of TCM & ECU
  69. 04-08: Need Help With Good Amp
  70. Technical Problem: Viper 5704 Stopped Working
  71. 04-06: Headunit And Speaker Questions
  72. Advice Needed: My Turn To Call Out The Audio Guru's, Need Audio Help!!
  73. 07-08: Hardwire Radar Detector To Rearview Mirror
  74. 07-08: Help! AUX Jack 07-08 Maxima
  75. Advice Needed: Help With Wiring
  76. Advice Needed: Speakers Won't Play, Only The Sub
  77. 07-08: Display Troubles
  78. Advice Needed: Dry Cell Battery Or Capacitor???
  79. Advice Needed: What Amp For 6 Speakers?
  80. 2008 Only: Need Help: Remote Amp Wire
  81. Technical Problem: AXXESS NIRD-01 Glicthes
  82. Suggestion: Reputable Shops TriState Area
  83. 04-06: 04 - iPhone/iPod integration
  84. 07-08: Factory Bluetooth Displayed On To Aftermarket HU
  85. Technical Problem: Pioneer AVH-X5500 with Nissan 07 Maxima Bose
  86. Suggestion: Got Ripped Off On My Speakers. What Do I Do?
  87. Technical Problem: 2006 Max Satellite Radio "NO SIGNAL"
  88. 04-06: Static On Radio
  89. 07-08: Which Wire For Remote Cable For Amp
  90. Advice Needed: Basic Speaker Upgrades
  91. Advice Needed: Want A Satallite Radio
  92. 04-08: Radio Buttons Not Responding
  93. Advice Needed: Side Fire Trunk Enclosures
  94. Advice Needed: Extending Battery Cables?
  95. 2004 Max Display Problems
  96. Advice Needed: 2006 Nissan Maxima iSimple SAT Issue
  97. 07-08: Help! Audio Question
  98. Advice Needed: Need A New Sound System
  99. Feedback: Which Sub
  100. Advice Needed: Changing Alternator
  101. Advice Needed: Suspension
  102. Advice Needed: Alternator Light
  103. Advice Needed: Will These Speakers Fit?
  104. Technical Problem: Is My HU Trying To Turn On Too Many Things?
  105. Advice Needed: Speaker Feedback Through Amp???
  106. 07-08: Installing Aftermarket Deck, Replacing Bose, Retaining Steering Control
  107. 07-08: 07 Maxima Bose Removing To Install Adapter
  108. Advice Needed: Double DIN Support
  109. Advice Needed: Alternative To Running New Speaker Wire
  110. Technical Problem: Alt Positive To Battery Positive
  111. Advice Needed: NIRD-01 Adapter Plug
  112. 04-06: 12 Inch Subwoofer Enclosures
  113. 04-06: Hearing Two Dings Through Speakers When I Start Car Up
  114. Advice Needed: Audio Gurus, Need Help, Stock Bose With Nav
  115. Advice Needed: Hard wire auto dimming
  116. 07-08: Glove compartment light
  117. 2008 Only: AXXESS Universal Steering Wheel Switch
  118. Advice Needed: Key Fob Not Working!
  119. Advice Needed: Door speakers too loud
  120. Feedback: Single din with fold out screen
  121. 07-08: Speed Senor Wire
  122. Advice Needed: suggestions on an amp???
  123. Vent/Rant: I Think I Have A Faulty AudioControl LC6i
  124. Advice Needed: No Sound :(
  125. 07-08: Buzzing Sound After NIRD
  126. Advice Needed: Need Advice With Inverting Subs
  127. Suggestion: Wiring Diagram For 07 SL Bose Audio
  128. Advice Needed: Bring Your Eyes Onto This Thread!!!
  129. Advice Needed: Factory Amp Fuse
  130. Advice Needed: Question About Audio Input
  131. Technical Problem: Car Won't Start
  132. Advice Needed: CD Player Stuck On Push Eject
  133. Advice Needed: What 6.5 6x9 Should I Buy.......
  134. Feedback: Backup Cam Works With Stock Console.
  135. Advice Needed: Sub Box Design And Port Tuning
  136. 2006 Only: Remove Bose From 06 Non-Navi Maxima
  137. 07-08: Remote Start
  138. Advice Needed: Axxess Steering Wheel Controls Install
  139. Advice Needed: Help Install: Door Warning Chime
  140. 04-06: Aftermarket Deck Wiring
  141. Suggestion: New Deck Suggestions!
  142. Technical Problem: Kenwood DNX9990HD
  143. Technical Problem: Backup Camera Issue
  144. Advice Needed: Guages Not Working While Headlights Are On (Not Fuse)
  145. Technical Problem: HELP!! Doors Not Unlocking!!
  146. Advice Needed: Sirius XM Antenna Discreet Location
  147. Advice Needed: What Do You Lose W/ New Head Unit Purchase?
  148. Advice Needed: Two 15 inc MOFO
  149. 07-08: Kenwood DNX9990HD Install Photos
  150. Advice Needed: New Head Unit for 07
  151. Advice Needed: Considering A New HU, What Do You All Think Of This One?
  152. Advice Needed: Would This Work For Hooking Up An Aftermarket Radio With Bose?
  153. Advice Needed: Where To Mount Crossovers?
  154. Technical Problem: 2004-2006 Sirius Satelite receiver Plug Pic Needed
  155. Advice Needed: I Need Advice From The Audio Gurus
  156. 2004 Only: Constant 12v Power Supply
  157. Advice Needed: Video Game Console In Car Questions
  158. 04-06: Bose Amp????
  159. Technical Problem: Steering Wheel Phone Button
  160. Advice Needed: Subwoofer Wiring Question
  161. Technical Problem: Bose Subwoofer Size?
  162. Advice Needed: Cerwin Vega Speakers
  163. Advice Needed: Easiest Auxiliary Input Option
  164. Advice Needed: Where Does The Satellite Module Go?
  165. Advice Needed: Amp Problem
  166. Advice Needed: DIY Aftermarket Speaker Replacement
  167. Advice Needed: How Many Feet Of Wire Do I Need To Make A Grounding Kit?
  168. Advice Needed: Need Help With Duplicate Screen
  169. 07-08: double din replacing bose
  170. Technical Problem: AC Doesnt Work After HU Install
  171. Advice Needed: Aftermarket Radio....Sort Of?
  172. Advice Needed: Removing Factory CD Player
  173. Advice Needed: Grounding Point In Trunk
  174. Advice Needed: Aftermarket Amp Install
  175. Advice Needed: For Those Of You With Double Din Dash Kits
  176. 2006 Only: How To Install PAC SWI-PS?
  177. 2004 Only: iPod Integration Bose w/o Nav
  178. Advice Needed: What 12" Subs And Amp?
  179. Technical Problem: NIRD Draining Battery
  180. Advice Needed: Double Din Install
  181. Advice Needed: What Is Dynamat?
  182. Advice Needed: DYNAMAX!!!!!
  183. Advice Needed: Would This Screen Work Instead Of A Nesa
  184. 2005 Only: Few Questions
  185. Advice Needed: Bigger Battery or Bigger Alternator
  186. Technical Problem: Key Stuck In Ignition
  187. 07-08: 2008 Maxima w/ Bose Amp (No-Nav) Wiring Pinout
  188. Advice Needed: Digital Battery Terminal Install
  189. Advice Needed: XM Radio
  190. 04-06: Radio Compatibility
  191. Advice Needed: Which Wire Harness To Get To Replace The Bose?
  192. 04-06: Rattle Rattle
  193. 04-06: Lawd Geezus Help Me! Audio Install Mess!
  194. Technical Problem: Need Help Fast!
  195. 2008 Only: Sound Deadner
  196. Advice Needed: System Wiring & Other Questions
  197. 07-08: Nird-01 Wanted
  198. 2006 Only: Two Automotive Lighting Questions
  199. Advice Needed: Rear Speakers
  200. 07-08: Steering Wheel Switch Not Working...Help
  201. Advice Needed: Batteries
  202. Technical Problem: Bluetooth Problem
  203. Advice Needed: 4 Headrest Monitors................Are You Mad!!!!!!!!!!
  204. Advice Needed: AUX Input On Stock Head Unit
  205. 04-06: Is It Possible To Hook Up An Aftermarket Sub To Stock Radio?
  206. Feedback: Metra Aftermarket Harness
  207. Advice Needed: Chased By 2 Pitbulls
  208. Advice Needed: Compustar vs Prestige
  209. Technical Problem: New HU Install w/ 6x9's - No Bass
  210. Advice Needed: Rocker Switch Light Stays On
  211. Advice Needed: 8" to 6x9 Rear Deck Speakers
  212. 07-08: Rear Aux Source (Factory Radio)
  213. Advice Needed: Where Would Be The Best Place To Ground?
  214. Advice Needed: Red Wire, Blue Wire.....Kaboom!!!
  215. Advice Needed: My Headunit Stopped Working
  216. 04-06: Heated Steering Wheel
  217. Technical Problem: Memory Seat Buttons Not Working
  218. Advice Needed: 07 Max Bose (Non Navi) Audio
  219. 04-06: Parking/Daytime Lights????
  220. Advice Needed: Will My Alternator Die?
  221. 07-08: How To Use Info Screen After Installing An Aftermarket Unit?
  222. 2007 Only: Factory Remote Start
  223. Technical Problem: 04 Factory Radio Not Turning Off
  224. Feedback: Preference of Speaker Companies
  225. Technical Problem: Keyless Entry Button Broke
  226. Technical Problem: Aftermarket Head Unit Producing Low Volume On Driver's Side
  227. Advice Needed: Licence Plate Rattle
  228. Advice Needed: Blown Amp Fuse(s)
  229. Advice Needed: Installing Aftermarket Radio
  230. Technical Problem: New Head Unit Wiring Problem
  231. Advice Needed: Replacing Stock Bose Amplifier. Please Help!
  232. Advice Needed: HU, Nesa And Double Din Setup
  233. Advice Needed: Adjust Bass On Bose System
  234. Technical Problem: 2007: Navigation Screen Goes Blank
  235. Advice Needed: Sub Help
  236. Advice Needed: JVC KW-AVX640 Double 2 DIN
  237. Suggestion: Subwoofer Box
  238. Advice Needed: Remote Tap
  239. Advice Needed: Moving Info Screen
  240. Advice Needed: Speaker Position Question
  241. Advice Needed: Cable to Firewall
  242. Advice Needed: Service Engine Code
  243. Advice Needed: Double Din Screen Swap
  244. 07-08: Viper 5901 Installed
  245. Advice Needed: Which One Do I Need PAC SWI-X Or PAC SWI-PS?
  246. Suggestion: Adding Subs 2007 Maxima
  247. Advice Needed: Update Stock Navi Data?
  248. 2008 Only: Bi-Amping My Focal 165v30's
  249. Advice Needed: Static Noise With AUX Input?
  250. Advice Needed: Dynamat Installation Help