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  1. 04-08: Racingline Pre-Cats still around or equal replacement
  2. Advice Needed: Racingline or Altima eBay?!?
  3. 04-06: Rocker Cover gasket (Rant)
  4. Advice Needed: oil light
  5. Advice Needed: Totally different sounding engine after NWP spacer install but in a bad way
  6. Advice Needed: Grinding off stock exhaust pipes
  7. Advice Needed: What Are the Differences Between these y pipes
  8. 04-06: Muffler removal tips
  9. Technical Problem: Where to go from here, post mechanic visit...
  10. Advice Needed: CABIN AIR FILTER
  11. Technical Problem: Catalytic Converter problems
  12. Advice Needed: Cadillac converter is causing my ses
  13. Advice Needed: Precat Removal and installation
  14. Advice Needed: California Catalytic Converter
  15. 04-06: Mistake Four Oxygen Sensor in Maxima 2006r 6Th Generation.
  16. Technical Problem: Bank 1 pre-cat issues..
  17. Advice Needed: 07 SL
  18. Suggestion: Ebay Headers Without Downpipe
  19. Advice Needed: CAI Mass Air Flow Blow Out
  20. 04-08: 2012 Altima Catback
  21. Advice Needed: Header Or Exhaust
  22. Technical Problem: Gas Pedal Click After Installing Injen CAI
  23. Advice Needed: 3 Piece Vs 5 Piece Spacer Kit
  24. 07-08: Will a 350z/G35 Takeda Fit The Maxima?
  25. Advice Needed: SE-R Headers EGR Help
  26. Advice Needed: HFPC/Y-Pipe O2 Sensors
  27. Advice Needed: P2R Throttle Body Spacer
  28. Technical Problem: Speedometer Not Working
  29. Advice Needed: Best Ways To Get More Power
  30. 04-06: Ebay Exhaust Fail
  31. Advice Needed: Cattman Headers for 07 maxima
  32. 04-06: My Custom Exhaust
  33. Advice Needed: 5pc Vs 3pc Intake Spacers
  34. Suggestion: Emissions Failed, Emissions Passed
  35. Advice Needed: Ebay Exhaust DIY?
  36. Advice Needed: P1273 Code After Timing Chain Job
  37. Technical Problem: Throttle Body Trouble
  38. 04-08: R2C Filter
  39. Advice Needed: True Dual Exhaust
  40. Advice Needed: Have A Newborn, Which Exhaust Set Up?
  41. 07-08: Bad Gas Mileage/Rotten Egg Smell
  42. Advice Needed: '07 Stock Exhaust?
  43. 04-06: Exhaust Question
  44. Advice Needed: Exhaust Drone
  45. Advice Needed: eBay Catback
  46. Advice Needed: Altima & Maxima CAI Compatibility
  47. Advice Needed: Question About Nismo Intake
  48. Advice Needed: 6th Gen.org Decals
  49. Technical Problem: P0420 How To Fix
  50. Advice Needed: Headers I'm Lost
  51. Advice Needed: P0420 Code On And Off Crazy
  52. 04-06: Gas Mileage
  53. Feedback: Magnapack
  54. 04-08: Exhaust System Installed
  55. 04-08: Anyone Ever Heard Of This Brand
  56. Advice Needed: Will 04-06 Fit 07?
  57. Advice Needed: Lost My Fujita CAI Parts
  58. Feedback: Altima Exhaust
  59. Advice Needed: Cold Air Intake Advice
  60. Technical Problem: Help!!! Racingline HFPC Issues
  61. 04-06: Anyone Receive Less MPG's After Nismo CAI?
  62. Technical Problem: Muffler Looks Uneven
  63. Advice Needed: Exhaust Advice
  64. Advice Needed: Best Site To Buy A Fujita Intake
  65. 04-08: Can I Take Stock Pipes Off
  66. Advice Needed: Cats Gone Bad
  67. Advice Needed: I Want Sound
  68. 07-08: P2A01
  69. 04-08: P0420 Pre-Cat Bank 1
  70. Advice Needed: I'm Thinking That I Have Problems With My Exhaust
  71. Advice Needed: Idle Air Relearn Procedure...
  72. Technical Problem: Performance Exhaust Decreasing Gas Milage
  73. 04-06: Cattman Downpipe
  74. Advice Needed: Need Help: Changing OEM Exhaust
  75. Advice Needed: Turbonator Turbo Fuel Saver Fan
  76. Advice Needed: Order Of Sequence?
  77. 04-08: Where Can I Get Headers?
  78. 04-06: Stock Muffler / Resonator Delete
  79. Advice Needed: eBay Headers?
  80. Advice Needed: Codes galore!
  81. Technical Problem: Precat Removal
  82. Suggestion: Precat Removal Time
  83. Advice Needed: Need Advice With Precat Gutting
  84. Advice Needed: eBay Catback Exhaust Setup
  85. Advice Needed: Gas Tank Gauge
  86. 07-08: Drone After WOT
  87. Technical Problem: Flex Plate?
  88. 04-06: Found And Bought This Intake
  89. Advice Needed: CAI or Cut For Short Ram Air
  90. Advice Needed: Exhaust Setup
  91. Technical Problem: P0420 After HFPC Installed
  92. Advice Needed: Intake To Exhaust Setup Suggestions Please
  93. Advice Needed: Magnaflow High Flow Catalytic, Worth It?
  94. Technical Problem: P0420 Code
  95. 04-08: DIY Intakes
  96. Advice Needed: 02 sensors
  97. Advice Needed: Takeda Install Help
  98. 04-08: Which Intake
  99. Technical Problem: Water Inside Upper Intake Manifold
  100. Feedback: Just Bought HFPC,Y Pipe,EBay Exhaust
  101. Feedback: Dc Sport Intake
  102. Advice Needed: Help Me With My Exhaust
  103. Feedback: eBay Catback With Magnaflows
  104. Advice Needed: eBay Exhaust
  105. Feedback: 350Z Dual Intake On A Maxima?
  106. Suggestion: Coffin Muffler
  107. Feedback: Painted Takeda
  108. Feedback: eBay Knock Off Exhaust?
  109. 07-08: Nismo Intake Rubbing Help!
  110. 07-08: Best Sounding Exhaust?
  111. Advice Needed: p0037 after cattman headers installed
  112. Suggestion: Muffler Suggestions
  113. 04-06: Maxima Ebay Header Question
  114. Advice Needed: Flowmasters for 04 maxima
  115. Feedback: Cattman Headers And Straight Piping
  116. Technical Problem: SE-R Code Help
  117. Advice Needed: Cutout With Full Exhaust??
  118. Advice Needed: $250 To Make My 06 Maxima Sound Better
  119. Review: Looking For Vehicles For Cold Air Intake
  120. Advice Needed: Racingline HFPC's 1 Year Later
  121. Advice Needed: Another Exhaust Thread!
  122. Advice Needed: Which Exhaust To Buy?
  123. Technical Problem: High Pitch Squeal!?!
  124. Advice Needed: Want To Buy Y Pipe, Pre Cats Are Going Bad
  125. Advice Needed: Need Help With ebay SE-R Headers
  126. Advice Needed: Intake System
  127. Review: 350z and G35 Exhaust Tone
  128. Advice Needed: Just Installed A Takeda CAI
  129. Advice Needed: Where To Buy Missing Engine Bay Cover?
  130. Advice Needed: Racingline Y-Pipe
  131. Advice Needed: eBay Exhaust
  132. 04-08: HPS Intake
  133. Advice Needed: Infiniti Exhaust Note
  134. Suggestion: How To Remove Rear Stock Header?
  135. Advice Needed: Problem With CAI
  136. Review: Has Any One Ordered From A-Spec Tuning
  137. Advice Needed: Gutted Stock Precats
  138. Advice Needed: Exhaust Pipe Noise!
  139. Advice Needed: I Lost Torque/Back Pressure
  140. Advice Needed: Nismo Catback Part#20100-RSL20
  141. 07-08: Random Exhaust Noise
  142. Feedback: Stock Y-Pipe
  143. Advice Needed: Has Anybody Painted An Ebay Exhaust All Black?
  144. Feedback: eBay Exhaust With Different Mufflers
  145. Feedback: What Causes Cats To Crumble?
  146. Advice Needed: SES Light P1402 and P0402 codes.
  147. Advice Needed: Clogged Catalytic Convertor? What Should I Replace It With?
  148. Advice Needed: Need An Installer For An Injen CAI
  149. Advice Needed: Does Anyone Know Anything About Aero Turbine Mufflers?
  150. Advice Needed: Header EGR Plug Size
  151. Advice Needed: Help Me Locate Heat Shields
  152. Advice Needed: Stock Exhaust Size??...Deleting OEM Resonator And Adding Magnaflow
  153. 04-08: Code P0507: Idle Control System RPM Higher Than Expected (FIXED)
  154. 07-08: Pressure Sensors
  155. 04-08: Cattman Headers CEL Codes - P1148, P1168, P1031, P1051 (FIXED)
  156. 04-08: CEL / SES Codes After Header Install
  157. Advice Needed: Headers Related Question
  158. 2008 Only: Advice Needed, Where To Start With Performance Mods
  159. Advice Needed: Need Advise With o2 Sensor
  160. Suggestion: Help! I Need A How To: Stock Air Filter
  161. 2004 Only: Exhaust Issue, Not Passing 5k And Nasty Crackle
  162. 04-08: Exhaust 101
  163. Advice Needed: Exhaust
  164. 04-08: Mid-Muffler: Deleted. Decent Sound + Reverb..
  165. Advice Needed: Installing OEM Muffler Tip
  166. 04-08: Is The Kinetix Manifold Worth It?
  167. Advice Needed: Apexi Exhaust
  168. Suggestion: Installing eBay Catback?
  169. Advice Needed: What Does A Cold Air Intake Velocity Stack Do?
  170. Advice Needed: Nasty Smell When I Accelerate
  171. Advice Needed: Hi! New Here: Where Can I Buy eBay Catback?
  172. Suggestion: Need Assistance With Magnaflow And Ebay Catback
  173. What's A Good Exhaust?
  174. 04-06: Gutting The Cat
  175. 04-06: Would My Car Sound Like This If I Put In Vibrant Mufflers And Res. Delete?
  176. Advice Needed: Vibrant 1148 Mufflers Advice
  177. 04-06: Correct Positions Of The Manifolds And Exhaust Pipes
  178. Advice Needed: Test Pipe
  179. Feedback: OBX Mufflers? Or eBay Catback Exhaust?
  180. Advice Needed: Low Threshold Cat?
  181. Advice Needed: Cold Air Intake Upgrade - California Legal
  182. Advice Needed: eBay 3.5 Altima Headers
  183. 04-06: What Mufflers Should I Get?
  184. Warranty: Takeda Intake
  185. Advice Needed: Another PO420 Code Is Shown
  186. Feedback: Takeda Discount Code
  187. Advice Needed: P0420 Code With New HFPC
  188. 04-08: Racingline Cat Problem...
  189. 07-08: Cone Filter Connected To Stock Air Intake Tube
  190. Advice Needed: Should I?
  191. Advice Needed: BMW Exhaust Ideas on a Budget
  192. Advice Needed: Need Muffler Welder
  193. Technical Problem: Would A Flattened Y-Pipe Cause A Stall??
  194. Advice Needed: Which Exhaust ???
  195. Advice Needed: Any1 Running Gutted Cats?
  196. Technical Problem: EGR Fix??
  197. True Dual Exhaust Question
  198. Servie Engine Light / Cat System
  199. Advice Needed: eBay Exhaust Question
  200. Advice Needed: HELP!!!!!!!!!! Rear Precat Removal
  201. 04-08: Exhaust Battle - Nismo vs Greddy SE Spectrum
  202. Advice Needed: If You have An Exhaust Answer My Questions!
  203. Advice Needed: Exhaust Install
  204. 07-08: How Much Will A Y-Pipe Change The Exhaust Sound?
  205. Advice Needed: Greddy SE Spectrum Elite
  206. Advice Needed: Tomorrow Is The Day..Finally!
  207. Feedback: OBX Header Install
  208. Need New Catalyst Converter Help?
  209. Feedback: Ok, One more Exhaust Question..
  210. Advice Needed: Nismo or eBay Catback??
  211. Technical Problem: P1402 SES
  212. 04-08: K&N Intake Compared To Takeda
  213. Advice Needed: Thinking Of Changing My Mufflers
  214. Advice Needed: Exhaust Question
  215. Advice Needed: Best Cold Air Intake For My Max?
  216. Advice Needed: Does Anyone Know About This Exhaust?
  217. 2006 Only: Genki Tuning
  218. Advice Needed: Fujita Intake
  219. 04-08: A Couple Of Fujita Questions
  220. Advice Needed: Those Who Have Successfully Fabricated EGR Port To Headers
  221. Suggestion: Magnaflow Resonator Help.
  222. Advice Needed: eBay Exhaust Help
  223. Feedback: Tuning Air/Fuel After Header Install
  224. Advice Needed: Need A Reputable Shop To Install Nismo Exhaust!
  225. 07-08: Change My Exhaust Tone
  226. Suggestion: Cat Back In Black ?
  227. 02 Sensor?
  228. 04-08: Honda Accord Headers - Will They Fit A 6thgen?
  229. Advice Needed: What Do You Think?
  230. Advice Needed: Jet Performance MAF Sensor
  231. Advice Needed: Exhaust/Headers Question
  232. EBay Cat-Back Is Rattling
  233. Advice Needed: 4 Car Option Catback
  234. Advice Needed: OEM Catback With Welded Mufflers - Anyone Tried?
  235. Advice Needed: Need Resonator
  236. Advice Needed: Precats Probably Bad
  237. 04-08: When Do You Need Fuel Control?
  238. 04-08: O2 Sensor Simulator For HFC or Gutted Cats
  239. 04-06: Y-Pipe Question
  240. 04-06: Question On Intake Assembly
  241. 07-08: Idle Relearn Will Not Work
  242. Technical Problem: Intake RPMs Stutter While Going Back Down
  243. 04-08: Installed Short Ram Intake (SRI) ... RPM Issue.. MAF?
  244. 07-08: Best Exhaust For 08'
  245. 2007 Only: Looking To Buy An Air Box
  246. Advice Needed: 07-08 Header Question...
  247. 04-06: Fujita Intake
  248. 04-08: What Resonator To Buy?
  249. 04-06: Exhaust Pipe Diameter
  250. 04-08: Searching For Nismo Exhaust/Mufflers