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  1. Technical Problem: My Nissan Maxima 2004 3.5 SE is not able to scan with a scanning tool
  2. Technical Problem: Passenger window sticking
  3. Technical Problem: Exhaust rattling on crossmember
  4. Advice Needed: 2004 Radio Wiring Harness Help Needed (No Bose)
  5. 04-08: bleeding brakes 04 maxima
  6. Technical Problem: How to diagnose which ABS Sensor is faulty
  7. Advice Needed: N00Bie here help help
  8. 04-06: Rev limiter or transmission
  9. Advice Needed: Electronic cutout question
  10. 2006 Only: 2006 key
  11. 2007 Only: Seriously confused... 2007 Maxima Spec-R
  12. Advice Needed: abs/brake/speedometer
  13. Advice Needed: Tightening up the suspension
  14. Advice Needed: My speedometer, gas gauge and rmp gauge don't work. My ac stopped working as well
  15. Advice Needed: 04 Brake kit setup
  16. Advice Needed: New Max owner!
  17. Advice Needed: Oil cooler hoses question
  18. Advice Needed: Need some help
  19. Advice Needed: Folding Mirrors Wire Diagram
  20. Advice Needed: Best place to buy coil packs
  21. Advice Needed: 6th gen exhaust in 2017?
  22. Advice Needed: Ezkoncepts Website
  23. Advice Needed: To buy or not to buy '05 for $500... stuck key..thoughts?
  24. 07-08: Stanced 6.5
  25. Advice Needed: Speaker problems
  26. Advice Needed: Is it possible to use 5th gen primary timing chain guide in my 6th gen?
  27. Advice Needed: Timing chain guide is trash! Anyway to use a 3.0 primary guide?
  28. Technical Problem: Bad MPG remains after tune up
  29. Advice Needed: Engine mount wiring cut and solder?
  30. Technical Problem: No horn or cruise control
  31. Advice Needed: P0340 change cps still pops code
  32. Advice Needed: My Car Broke Down! Spark Plugs?
  33. Advice Needed: Radiator without transmission cooling
  34. Testimonial: Po Boy Lowering springs!!! LOL
  35. Advice Needed: Battery Recommendations
  36. Feedback: R.P.M @ idle
  37. Breaking News: Bye bye Max, Hello...
  38. Advice Needed: Ac hose Replacement
  39. Advice Needed: Leaking ac hose
  40. Feedback: My Slammed 6.5
  41. Feedback: What is this and can I replace or fix it?
  42. Advice Needed: Mobil 1 5W30 Being Burned Like Crazy?
  43. Advice Needed: 2004 KY2 Interior Touch-Ups
  44. Advice Needed: Installing Backup Camera in Spoiler
  45. Advice Needed: Minor wear and tear... want to fix these up
  46. Advice Needed: Maxima 04 5AT stuck in 5th gear
  47. Advice Needed: 07' Maxima won't accelerate in drive ! PLEASE HELP ASAP !!
  48. Advice Needed: 2004 SE - Is it possible to simply swap the basic LCD for the full color one?
  49. Feedback: 245/35NZ20
  50. 04-08: Rims 245/35ZR20
  51. Technical Problem: Car makes popping sound when turning and braking
  52. Advice Needed: is there a ecm compatibility list for a 2004 maxima se
  53. Advice Needed: 07 Maxima Cornering Light
  54. Technical Problem: Stays in 1st gear while in Drive? Triptronic works fine.. Thoughts?
  55. Advice Needed: Racingline Performance
  56. Feedback: 6th gen led smoke lights
  57. Suggestion: 08 Max Paint Rims Black or Keep The Chrome???
  58. Technical Problem: EvoX-R Bowl Peeling
  59. Advice Needed: How many MPG on your 6th gen?
  60. 07-08: Steering wheel wobble
  61. 04-06: Need a replacement y-pipe
  62. Advice Needed: HELP! ACC Lights, No Acceleration + ABS SLIP VDC Come On At Low Speeds ++
  63. Advice Needed: Changing passenger vent
  64. Advice Needed: I need a new A/C Compressor!
  65. Suggestion: Changing a 2004 Navi screen
  66. Suggestion: CARB compliant Catalytic converter options
  67. Technical Problem: Smoke from the AC Amplifier
  68. Technical Problem: 04 Maxima wont run. PLEASE HELP!!
  69. Technical Problem: Weird noise
  70. 04-08: sky view panels
  71. 04-06: Carpeted wheel wells???
  72. 04-08: OEM Altima springs
  73. 04-06: Timing chain adjuster
  74. Advice Needed: heater core replacement questions
  75. Advice Needed: 04 Front End Creaking/Cracking.. Not CV, not SBL...thoughts?
  76. Advice Needed: Crazy acting electronics
  77. 04-08: 6.5gen Head lamps
  78. 04-08: Heater blowing out a gas smell
  79. Advice Needed: Just got my 6th gen. Wondering a few things.
  80. Technical Problem: OBD error code P0455
  81. Feedback: Dynomax VT variable muffler
  82. Technical Problem: Check Engine Light..codes P1800, P1564, P1283, P1031, P1148
  83. Advice Needed: Car won't turnover
  84. Advice Needed: VQ motor and NOS issues
  85. Technical Problem: Maxima 06 need HELP!!!!
  86. 04-08: quick struts
  87. Technical Problem: Low Hanging Bracket- Is it normal?
  88. Technical Problem: accelerate hard and take foot off car would slam turn off then on
  89. Technical Problem: 6 speed tranny wont go
  90. Feedback: Does everyone lose 5mpg in the winter?
  91. Advice Needed: Exhaust advice
  92. 04-08: Transmssion or Cam shft problem
  93. 04-06: 06 Maxima Burning Oil, Any Advice?
  94. Advice Needed: 2004 Maxima SE. Power Driver Seat.
  95. Advice Needed: Lost Thread
  96. 04-08: 08 Bose Poor Radio Reception
  97. Feedback: Should I buy this Max?
  98. Advice Needed: 2006 with a P0420 and emissions testing
  99. Advice Needed: Best tires?
  100. Advice Needed: Need Advise on new cv axles
  101. Advice Needed: Help! 2007 Maxima Throttle Actuator and Idle Air Control System
  102. Vent/Rant: Did 08 gauge cluster swap. Now mileage is f*^ked
  103. Advice Needed: spacers
  104. 04-08: Y-pipe suggestion and help PLEASE!!
  105. 04-06: Maxima Elita package
  106. Advice Needed: 06 SE HID Question
  107. 04-08: New car added to my collection
  108. Advice Needed: Serpentine belt for 05 maxima
  109. 04-06: How one knows if a 04 Max Manual SE has LSD .
  110. Award: Becker MEXICO 7948 RETRO-STYLED WITH IPOD LEAD!!!!!!
  111. Advice Needed: Camber kit Question
  112. Advice Needed: Ksport Coilovers
  113. Advice Needed: 08 Overhead Map Light Console Boken
  114. Technical Problem: Can't shift out of park
  115. Advice Needed: infiniti parts.
  116. Advice Needed: has anyone ordered from upgarage in Japan?
  117. Advice Needed: no muffler shops will install my pre cats
  118. Advice Needed: leaking and hard steering
  119. 04-06: Has anyone replaced their BCM?
  120. Technical Problem: Bad wheel bearing?
  121. 04-08: 'Mood' light in overhead console replaced with LED
  122. Technical Problem: Bad ECM/TCM, Timing chain, and Engine Misfires
  123. 04-06: Need help identifying a part please
  124. Feedback: Air Conditioner leak.
  125. Technical Problem: New to me 04 maxima 6spd huge power loss after 2000rpm
  126. Feedback: Pulling Code without scanner
  127. Advice Needed: Fog lights
  128. Suggestion: Air Bag Suspension!
  129. Technical Problem: Right Blinker flash ONCE - Left blinker fine. Ideas?
  130. Advice Needed: ABS motor running when engine off?!?!
  131. Feedback: New Wheels and Springs
  132. Advice Needed: Fix for sagging rear? Fix for droopy sunvisor?
  133. Technical Problem: Maxima doesnt start
  134. Advice Needed: 07-08 gauge cluster
  135. Advice Needed: 2005 Radiator support swap
  136. Advice Needed: Please help!! My oil is watery...
  137. Advice Needed: Windshield Weather Stripping/Seal Ripping
  138. 07-08: ATTENTION ALL 6.5 GENS
  139. 04-06: How to preload on the drag strip
  140. Advice Needed: 05 maxima problems
  141. Feedback: Horsepower numbers
  142. Feedback: Anyone Dipped Their Car?
  143. Suggestion: Buzzer alarm
  144. 04-08: A34 Nismo wheels
  145. Advice Needed: Paypal Pending Problem
  146. 04-06: Putting In Work On The 1/8 Mile
  147. Technical Problem: Won't Go Over 4000 RPM
  148. 2008 Only: What Have I Been Up To
  149. Advice Needed: slight wheel shaking from 40-65mph
  150. Advice Needed: Sputtering and Growing!
  151. Technical Problem: Having Fuel Efficiency Issues
  152. Advice Needed: 100k mark
  153. Advice Needed: Fuel Injector Seals...Correct Kit?
  154. Advice Needed: Timing Chain Issue: Which Kit? And Possible Mods.
  155. 04-06: My Carbon Fiber Interior Wrap
  156. Feedback: Di Noc Wrap
  157. Feedback: Looking For CAI
  158. 04-08: How to remove and install fuel door actuator
  159. News: Cattman Performance Out Of Business
  160. Advice Needed: 08 Exhaust System
  161. 04-08: Gas Tank Size
  162. Advice Needed: Painting Roof Strips
  163. 04-08: Aftermarket Ipod Player
  164. 04-06: Redlinegoods Hooked Me Up
  165. Advice Needed: How Much Can I Sell My 2004 Nissan Maxima For?
  166. Advice Needed: Spring Clamps
  167. Feedback: Red Or Yellow
  168. 04-08: Road Noise After Installing Coilovers
  169. Technical Problem: Car Just Died On Me
  170. Advice Needed: No Start Issue
  171. Vent/Rant: Decision To Change Oils
  172. Feedback: Acura TL-S vs. 6th Gen
  173. 04-06: Brake Light On
  174. Advice Needed: Just Wondering
  175. Suggestion: eBay Intake
  176. 04-08: Total Fuel Range in MI/KM per tank?
  177. 04-08: Service Manual
  178. Feedback: Painted Wheels
  179. Advice Needed: Overheated My Max
  180. 2008 Only: Brake Master Cylinder
  181. Suggestion: Paint or PlastiDip
  182. 04-06: Going Racing Friday
  183. Vent/Rant: Pissed About Condensation
  184. 04-06: P0035 And P0057 Help
  185. Suggestion: Clear Peeling Off Grille
  186. Suggestion: Nissan Maxima Service Manuals, Owners Manuals and Parts Catalog Software Read more:
  187. 04-08: Wheel Hub Rear
  188. 04-08: SPL Lockout Kit Camber Kit
  189. Feedback: My Parts For Your Parts
  190. Technical Problem: ABS Issues
  191. Advice Needed: Aftermarket Resonator Sounding Louder
  192. Suggestion: Whiteline Lateral Locks
  193. Accident: Total Loss
  194. Advice Needed: First Time Modifying Car
  195. Vent/Rant: Tint Citation, Revoking My Safety Check
  196. Technical Problem: 2000 Code
  197. 04-06: Engine Change
  198. Advice Needed: p2aoo Code Fix
  199. Funny: What Did You Name Your 6th Gen?
  200. 04-08: Glove Box Issue
  201. my6thgen.org: Timing Chain Special
  202. Advice Needed: Double Din Pics
  203. Feedback: Looking For Lowering Springs
  204. Feedback: Retiring One Of My 6th Gens
  205. Advice Needed: ARP Studs
  206. Feedback: Headrest Monitors
  207. Advice Needed: Cant Post For Sale Thread
  208. Advice Needed: Good Deal
  209. Feedback: Throwback Thursday Pics
  210. Feedback: Where is Cory?
  211. Appreciation: I Got Her Some New Shoes Today.
  212. Advice Needed: Driver Side Speakers barely audible and cracking?
  213. Technical Problem: Driver Window Not Working, But Rest Are...
  214. Advice Needed: Camber issue on stock suspension
  215. Advice Needed: Need Help With Noise
  216. Advice Needed: Mech in Houston to replace timing chain?
  217. 04-08: Front Turn Signal Fuse
  218. Advice Needed: 04 Idle Dips And Almost Stalls
  219. 04-08: Wheel Rub Anyone
  220. Advice Needed: National Speed Inc Wilmington NC?
  221. Vent/Rant: What A Weekend
  222. Vent/Rant: Girlfriend
  223. Advice Needed: Missing
  224. 04-08: Gas Scent Coming Through Dash Vents
  225. Advice Needed: Screen Name
  226. Advice Needed: Front Sway Endlinks
  227. Technical Problem: Oxygen Sensor Issue
  228. Advice Needed: 04 Maxima Wheels
  229. Advice Needed: Information On Purchasing
  230. Feedback: Coilover Help Needed
  231. Advice Needed: New Max Or The New TL
  232. Advice Needed: Fuel Gauge Going Bad?
  233. Advice Needed: Terrified Of 6th Gen Transmission
  234. Advice Needed: Need HID Help
  235. 04-08: Look What Came In The Mail
  236. Advice Needed: Thinking About Selling
  237. Advice Needed: Wheel Spacers
  238. Vent/Rant: Max Sucks In The Winter
  239. Advice Needed: Question About Outdated Tires
  240. Advice Needed: Flowmaster Mufflers
  241. Advice Needed: Weird Problem
  242. 04-08: Lowered On Teins Finally
  243. Technical Problem: Installation Of The HKS Grounding Kit
  244. Advice Needed: LED Cluster Upgrade
  245. Technical Problem: NYVIP and Lean Condition
  246. Advice Needed: Slowly Modding Her Up
  247. Community: Merry Christmas To Everyone
  248. Appreciation: Installed CMod Grill, Roof Spoiler, And LED 3rd Brake Light Strip Mod
  249. Community: Any Vancouver 6thgens?
  250. 04-08: Coilovers