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Default LED Tails & Car Not Driving the Way it Should?

Courtesy of DEADBOLT

Got LED tails & Car not driving the way it should? READ

This thread is made for people that are having car issues after installing LED tails...


- Car not picking up speed (downshifting) when you step on it, but picks up speed very slowly.
- One of the tails turns off when you step on the brake.
- LED tails not signaling after being plugged in.
- Lights in the LED tails just simply don't turn on


- Check the connectors. Each connector has a ccertain number of pins in them. The middle big ones have 3 pins in each, and the small upper connector has 2 pins. Pull those pins out (not break them, but slowly pull them out a bit) then plug them back in. If still didn't work, then simply FLIP the connector and plug it back in.

There are 4 connectors total that need to be plugged in the order below:

- Top small connector
- Gray connector which controls the running tail lights & brake light
- Gold connector which controls the signals
- Reverse light connector.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on this thread, PM me or PM anyone on this org.
This is the issue I was having:

OK!!!! this only started happening 3 days ago, and it's starting to piss me the fuck off.

Went to LA with the car this past Thursday to Exchange tails, drove back to SD and straight to work, came home from work to pick up something... and so far my car is working perfectly fine. No issues in shifting, responding, yadda yadda...

I kept my car on while i went in my house to grab somethin and left again... except now (at the time) the car is not picking up speed right. I hit the gas, and it's not downshifting to pick up speed like it's been doing all day... i'm like WTF? maybe the car is tired of driving all day... turn it off for a good hour while i visited an org member, then drove home (12 midnight) and it's still doin the same shit... no SES light or anything on. Checked MAF sensor and it's fine... tranny working beautifully with no jerks, skippings, etc...

I called the dealer and i made an appt Tuesday morning to get it checked... what would it possibly be? It shifts fine through all gears... but when you step on the gas pedal to speed up quickly... it doesn't respond... it gains speed slowly to whatever speed i want it to go to. RPM is working fine. I put the car on P or N and hit the gas, it's revving fine... WTF would be? tranny? sensor? cable?

this doesn't happen all the time... most of the time, but definitely every time on freeway.
I haven't done anything recent to my engine or tranny at all...

Current mods:

- nismo cai
- nwp block off plate
- 2 grounding kits
- racingline y-pipe w/no cat
- nismo catback

other than that... nothing. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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