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Default How to Install PAC SWI-X

1. Quick description before we start wiring the SWI-X .

The SWI-X 's wire color we are going to use is White. This is the White wire on the SWI-X , not the vehicle!

The other wires on the SWI-X , green, yellow, orange and blue wires are not used for your Nissan Maxima.

This leaves you with a Red, Black and two loop wires. These wires will be discussed down below.

2. Picture of the Nissan Maxima plug.
Click the image to open in full size.

The connector is viewed from the pin side not wire side.

3. Connecting the SWI-X 's steering wheel control input wire to vehicle plug.
Read the note in the chart below. These are the notes found in your instructions (note # 13) included with your SWI-X .

Wire colors are as follows:

Pin 6 - White/Red
Pin 15 - Black/Red
Pin 16 - Green/Red

Note # 13: Connect a 150 ohm resistor to pin 16 in the vehicle connector. Connect 47 ohm resistor to pin 6 in the vehicle connector. Connect the free ends of the resistors to the INTERFACE'S White wire. Connect pin 15 in the vehicle connector to Ground. This connector is the radio plug.

4. Connecting power and ground wires.

Black wire: Connect the SWI-X 's black wire to chassis ground. This is usually a black wire on the aftermarket wire kit.

Red wire: Connect the SWI-X 's red wire to a switched +12volt wire. This is usually a red wire on the aftermarket wire kit.

5. Instructions for cutting or not cutting loop wires.
Step A: The purple loop wire does not need to be cut.
Step B: The brown loop wire does not need to be cut.

6. Programming the SWI-X with a version number and 'IR' Mode.

The SWI-X has to be programmed for version # 3 and set for 'Standard IR' Mode.

A. Press and hold the Program Button on the SWI-X while turning on the vehicle to the accessory position. Both LED's will turn on.

B. Release the Program Button and both LED's will turn off and then they will turn on for 3 seconds. Wait for 3 seconds and both LED's will turn off.

C. Press the Program Button 3 times. Each time you press and release the Program Button, both LED's will turn on and off. Once you press the Program Button 3 times, wait for 3 seconds. The right LED will flash 3 times indicating it is programmed for version 3. If it flashes the wrong version number, you will have to start over at step 1 above in this section. Turn the key off.

D. Once you have programmed the correct version number, you will not have to do these steps again. If you need to reprogram the steering wheel control and wireless remote functions, you can go directly to the next section.

7. Programming the SWI-X to learn steering wheel controls and wireless remote functions.

A. Turn the key to the accessory position (you do not need to hold the Program Button at this time). The right LED will flash 3 times. This indicates it is programmed for version 3.

B. Press the Program Button until the LEFT LED turns on, then release the Program Button (This will erase all previous learned steering wheel controls and wireless remote functions). The SWI-X is now ready to learn a command from the steering wheel.

C. Press the Volume UP button on the steering wheel and hold the button. Wait until the LEFT LED turns off before you release the Program Button. Note: Please do not press and release the steering wheel button quickly! If you do not press any buttons on the steering wheel, the SWI-X will time out after 7 seconds, which will turn off the LEFT LED and end programming. If you missed some buttons, you will have to start all over and program from the first button. If the LEFT LED turns off and goes to the right LED without pressing the steering wheel buttons, then there is a wiring issue.

D. The right LED will turn on at this time, waiting to learn from the wireless remote. Note: You do not have a timeout period when the RIGHT LED is on. You can take your time here. However, make sure there is no fluorescent lights or sunlight in sight of the SWI-X other wise the RIGHT LED will turn off and go to the LEFT LED.

E. Press and hold the wireless remote Volume UP button while pointing the remote towards the SWI-X 's IR input. Wait until the RIGHT LED turns off before you release the button.

F. The LEFT LED will turn on.

G. From here you will do steps 3 through 6 again for each additional button to be programmed. So the next steering wheel button should be Volume DOWN and the wireless remote Volume DOWN. Note: The steering wheel buttons can be assigned any wireless remote function. So if you have for example a Program Button on the steering wheel, you can program it a 'Mute' function from the wireless remote.

H. Once you finish programming the steering wheel control buttons and wireless remote functions, the LEFT LED should be on. Wait for 7 seconds and both LEDS will flash 3 times. This indicates that the SWI-X has exited programming. The SWI-X 's RIGHT LED will flash 3 times and will be in 'Run Mode'.

8. Testing the SWI-X .

A. Hold or tape the Infrared LED (blue LED on black wire) to a surface so it is facing towards the aftermarket stereo. It must have a clear line of sight to the stereo. Try to minimize the angle as much as possible.
The best place to mount the LED: In the center console or overhead console (extending the LED wire may be required) and as far back as possible. Behind the domelight cover.
Bad places to mount the infrared LED: Do not mount the LED in stereo installation kit. Do not place LED where cups or other articles will block it. If at all possible, try not to mount where sunlight may shine on LED.

B. With the vehicle on, press a steering wheel button to control the stereo. The SWI-X should control the aftermarket stereo with what ever function you taught it. Test all other buttons.

C. If you have on or two buttons that do not work but the others do work, then there was a programming error. Please reprogram the SWI-X (Step 7 in previous section) until all buttons work.

D. Once all the buttons work correctly, you may permanently install the LED.

E. The black LED bezel is designed to be mounted from the front of the surface you are mounting the LED. The LED snaps in from behind, into the mounting bezel. Carefully remove the bezel form the LED and measure the diameter of it. Drill a hole the same diameter as the bezel into the mounting surface ( be careful that you don't drill a hole too big or the bezel will not stay in place). Feed the LED from behind through the hole and snap bezel onto LED. Snap the bezel into the hole. Be sure to run the LED wire to the mounting location without it interfering with final dash/panel assembly.

F. That's it! Enjoy!
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