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Default Re: Volt difference

Well I'll say this. I had tons of very expensive very loud and powerful stereos over
The past 20 years. That being said I've never used a capacitor till now. People say they
Are a scam or a gimmick. But I could honestly say that my car when cranked loud, does not
Have any dimming of lights or loss of power. When playing several songs in a row at a loud volume, I have no change in the amount power going to my amp. With out It, there is a noticeable loss of the power going to the amp after a few minutes. And the clean crisp bass slowly gets lower and less powerful. with the capacitor I get a continues power when needed. Not to mention back in the day PPI was a leader in amps and power. So I would buy it again, I feel it makes a difference to me. Basically all a capacitor is, is a small storage area of 12 volt power on demand. Which saves and eliminated stress on your battery and alternator.
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