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Default Re: Volt difference

It's Ohms law. If you are working with the stock alternator and a huge amp, you're going to get a voltage drop pulling a lot of current. You say you have 0 gauge power...same for ground? Are you grounded straight to the frame for the amplifier? Are you running two batteries or one? Did you upgrade the charging cable that goes from the alternator to the battery? Did you upgrade the ground wire from the battery to the frame or at least check connections? Just because you have a "Yellow Top Optima" doesn't mean it's going to sit at 13.2v at any given point. Voltage will drop and lights will dim when you add a large amp onto a stock alternator. There's about enough there to drive the accessories on the car and not much more.

But those are the things I would ask if I were still in Car Audio where I worked in retail at sales/installation/manager, then manufacturers rep and trainer for companies like Rockford, Lightning Audio, MB Quart, etc., from 1979 to 2009.
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