Thread: Advice Needed: How Much Vibration Is Normal At Idle?
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Default Re: How Much Vibration Is Normal At Idle?

So I decided to give the throttle butterfly cleaning a shot, to try to reduce the minimal vibration I had.

Took the CRC throttle body and air intake cleaner, disconnected the battery, and sprayed the back of the plate down to remove all the carbon and dirt. The solvent worked well. I was careful not to touch or move the plate

Reconnected the battery, started it up, and had a high idle around 1200 rpm. Wouldnt go away. Went for a drive, came back, and CEL (Presumably due to high idle)

Then I started in on a panic, omg I destroyed the throttle body despite reading eddy's comic and warnings.

Tried the idle air relearn and ECU CEL reset procedure. Took many tries, but I got it. The idle relearned, CEL is now gone, and it idles at a solid 800 rpm or so, no vibrations at all

Im assuming that over years of carbon filling the holes, the idle got out of whack when I cleaned it all out, had to do the relearn to get it back in line. I assume that it throws a CEL when it notices the idle to be too high for too long?
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