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  1. Advice Needed: Who's The Mechanic In NYC You NY'er Go To?
  2. Advice Needed: Duraflex Hood
  3. Advice Needed: Vibration When Accelerating
  4. 04-08: Are These True: Maxima Myths
  5. Advice Needed: Code: P0507
  6. Technical Problem: Car Wont Start, ABS And Brake Lights Stuck On
  7. Advice Needed: Big Brake Kit That Doesnt Support ABS
  8. Advice Needed: What Should I Do Next???
  9. Advice Needed: Looking to upgrade Handeling
  10. Advice Needed: ebay cat back
  11. Advice Needed: 100 Watt H3 Bulbs?
  12. Technical Problem: No Heat At Idle
  13. Suggestion: Where To Buy OEM Maintenance Parts?
  14. Recall: At the Nissan Dealer
  15. Technical Problem: Airbag Light Keeps Flashing
  16. 07-08: Possible CVT, Or Engine Troubles?
  17. Suggestion: I Just Realized...
  18. Advice Needed: Tune Up Needed at 130k
  19. Technical Problem: AC Problem
  20. Advice Needed: 2007 Maxima SL - What Type Fuel
  21. Technical Problem: Tail Light Fuse Keeps Blowing
  22. Advice Needed: Is Dimmer Switch Supposed To Work After HU Install?
  23. Feedback: Koni Struts Inside KYB
  24. Advice Needed: Begone SES?
  25. Advice Needed: JIC Coilovers
  26. Advice Needed: Recommend a Remote Start for Manual Transmission 2005
  27. Advice Needed: Removing Paint From Engine Plastics
  28. Advice Needed: How To Install Axxess Steering Wheel Controls
  29. 04-06: Help Changing Radiator Hoses
  30. Advice Needed: How To Add A Bigger (In Size) Battery?
  31. Feedback: Arc Fin Cooling
  32. Technical Problem: A/C Operation and Radiator Fan Speed
  33. Technical Problem: 2005 Maxima, Fuel Pump Won't Prime
  34. Advice Needed: Front Motor Mount Sensor
  35. Technical Problem: Replacing Engine Mounts
  36. Technical Problem: 2004 Stop Lamp Fuse Keeps Blowing Out
  37. Advice Needed: So I Just Found Out..
  38. Testimonial: Front End Rattle (Solved!) Sway Bar Shifted A Bit
  39. Advice Needed: Do I Need A New Cat?
  40. Advice Needed: Maxima Headers Ideas
  41. Advice Needed: 2005 Maxima (Bone Stock) VS. 2002 BMW Z3 3.0L (Stock)
  42. Suggestion: Help Me Decide on Taillights
  43. Technical Problem: AC Problem - Blower Fan Stays On
  44. Technical Problem: Drifting *Wounded* The Maxi. Missing Relay. HELP
  45. PISSED! Trans Problems.
  46. Feedback: Clockspring Part Number
  47. Technical Problem: What Does It Mean When An LED Bulb Goes Out Immediately
  48. Advice Needed: Is It Bad To Wash My Car And Not Dry It After A Car Wash When Its Raining?
  49. Technical Problem: SRS Airbag Light
  50. 04-08: Post Your CEL (Check Engine Codes)
  51. 07-08: Radiator Fan Won't Turn Off
  52. Advice Needed: 1/4 Mile Track Times WITH PROOF
  53. 2006 Only: Where Can I Buy A Headlight Fuse?
  54. Feedback: Need A Mechanic
  55. 04-08: Who Has The Fastest Maxima Without A Turbo?
  56. 04-06: Can I Install An HID Kit Using This Method?
  57. 04-06: HID Kit Questions
  58. 04-06: Can I Convert My Non Navi Non Bose Headunit?
  59. Advice Needed: Window Tint Question
  60. Advice Needed: Might Be Time to Sell the Max
  61. Advice Needed: Performance Chip
  62. Technical Problem: Tranny Seal Leaking After Replacing CV Axle
  63. Advice Needed: Radiator Leak
  64. Advice Needed: Battery Amperage
  65. 04-06: Can My Car Play Mp3 Cd's?
  66. Advice Needed: 2008: Mysterious Squeaky Sound
  67. 07-08: My Front Passenger Window Keep F%*kn Up
  68. Advice Needed: What Do You Guys Think About Carbon Fiber Roof Wrap?
  69. 04-06: Power Steering Pressure Hose
  70. Advice Needed: What Is The Brightest LED Reverse Light Bulb I Can Get?
  71. 04-06: Hitting That Milestone......1**,*** Miles
  72. Advice Needed: Squeaky Clutch Pedal??
  73. 04-06: Does Anyone Know Where The Reverse Light Fuse Is?
  74. Technical Problem: A/C Compressor
  75. Advice Needed: Would You Choose A Scion Or Mugen Lip Spoiler?
  76. Advice Needed: Replaced Rear Wheel Bearings - Now ABS Light Is On WTF?!?
  77. 07-08: Why Does My Exhaust Sound Like This?
  78. Advice Needed: Should I Get Leather Or Coilovers?
  79. Advice Needed: How Much Should I Sell My Maxima For?
  80. 07-08: What Size Engine Rivits ?
  81. Advice Needed: '06 Maxima Rear Bumper
  82. Technical Problem: Speedometer Stuck
  83. Advice Needed: Both Front Strut And Passanger Side Axel
  84. Advice Needed: My Motor Blew 07' Maxima
  85. Advice Needed: Painting The Black Fog Lamp Trim 07-08
  86. Advice Needed: Rattle Rattle, Passenger Side
  87. Technical Problem: Apexi SAFC II RPMs Not Matching Tachometer
  88. Advice Needed: Front License Plate Holder Part Number Needed
  89. Technical Problem: Side Mirror Fell Off
  90. Advice Needed: Need Help With Vibration In Front End!!!
  91. Advice Needed: AC Blowing Hot Air
  92. Feedback: Question Regarding Seat And Steering Wheel Setting?
  93. Technical Problem: Trunk Lifts
  94. Technical Problem: HELP!!! Gas Tank Lid Won't Open!
  95. Advice Needed: Engine Replacement
  96. Advice Needed: Headlights Have Water Inside
  97. Advice Needed: Just A Quick Seafoam Question
  98. Feedback: Clanking Noise When Going From R to D
  99. Advice Needed: Figuring Out What This Is
  100. Advice Needed: My 04 Maxima Is Acting Up, Need Some Help
  101. 2006 Only: Debris On Rear Speaker
  102. Advice Needed: Crushed Front End = Modifications!
  103. Suggestion: License plate
  104. Technical Problem: P1800 & P1273
  105. Advice Needed: Where To Place A Jack To Raise The Front And Rear
  106. 04-06: Optimal A/C Pressure Readings
  107. Feedback: Sig
  108. 04-08: Interior Led Lights
  109. 04-08: Radiator
  110. Advice Needed: Broken Dome Light Receiver
  111. Advice Needed: Fuse In Battery Terminal Keeps Blowing
  112. Advice Needed: Replacing Engine Mounts
  113. Advice Needed: Oops With the Oops
  114. Advice Needed: OBX Radiator Hose
  115. Changing Final Drive Ratios
  116. Technical Problem: Do I Need To Replace Inner Axle Boot?
  117. Technical Problem: Intake Air Temp Sensor
  118. Advice Needed: Coil packs
  119. Technical Problem: Fender Rolling Options In Brooklyn
  120. Advice Needed: Hit A Pothole, Need New Wheel.
  121. Technical Problem: Need To Clean Out Cam Position Sensor Port.... Yeah
  122. 04-08: Premium Gas Question
  123. Advice Needed: License Plate Suggestion
  124. Advice Needed: Wheel Lock Help!!...
  125. Advice Needed: Burning Smell
  126. Technical Problem: I Think My Alternator Is Done For!!!
  127. Advice Needed: Display Not Working
  128. Advice Needed: Advice When Reaching 50k Miles
  129. Advice Needed: Racingline Performance Torque Links
  130. 04-08: A Good Shop Near Plano, TX
  131. Advice Needed: I Lost My Car Keys! Now What?
  132. Technical Problem: Alignment Question
  133. Advice Needed: $6k Estimate From Nissan?
  134. Technical Problem: My Maxima Is Hesitating Bad Causing Tach To Jump
  135. Advice Needed: Is This A Good Deal For A System??
  136. Advice Needed: Passenger Mirror and Seats - Memory
  137. Advice Needed: Adding Parking Sensors
  138. Suggestion: What To Do Next On My Maxima?
  139. Advice Needed: AC Return Hose Leakage
  140. Advice Needed: Window Motor
  141. Technical Problem: Info Screen Not Working Correctly!!!
  142. Advice Needed: What Grease Should I Use For Lower Ball Joint???
  143. Advice Needed: Noise From Front Struts
  144. Advice Needed: Front End Shaking Like A Salt Shaker!
  145. Feedback: Aftermarket Z Parts On Your Maxima??
  146. Advice Needed: Removing service engine soon light
  147. Advice Needed: Looking For A Mechanic In Orlando FL
  148. Advice Needed: Airbag Light Is On
  149. 04-08: Can I Use An Altima ECU On My Max?
  150. Advice Needed: OBDII - Will It Work On Our 6thgens?
  151. 04-06: 04-06: Did You Know? (Key Fob vs. Settings)
  152. Feedback: CV Boots
  153. Advice Needed: Fitting A GTR Steering Wheel
  154. Advice Needed: How To Take Off Steering Wheel Things?
  155. 04-06: Need Help Removing Cup Holder
  156. Suggestion: Service Annoucement : Asking Technical Questions (Please Read )
  157. Suggestion: Turns But No Fire?
  158. Advice Needed: Outside Temperature Sensor Going Bad?
  159. Question Regarding More Power With 24s
  160. Feedback: Pioneer AVH4300DVD
  161. Suggestion: Nismo or Injen Intake?
  162. Advice Needed: Drivers Side HID Stopped Working
  163. Advice Needed: Need A Second Key
  164. Advice Needed: A/C is blowing hot air
  165. Advice Needed: Couple Questions Regarding Painting Calipers and About Power Windows
  166. Advice Needed: 04-06 w/07 Front Bumper And More?
  167. Suggestion: Seperating Chrome From OEM Grill
  168. Advice Needed: Using Old Chip In New Key
  169. 04-06: SES Light On
  170. Advice Needed: A/C Low Side Service Port?
  171. Advice Needed: 6000k Mains, (4300K Fogs?)
  172. Advice Needed: o2 pinout
  173. Advice Needed: How to Program Nissan Key?
  174. Advice Needed: Rear Windows Dont work
  175. 04-06: 2010 Map Pack For NAVTEQ V6.9
  176. Advice Needed: ABS Light On... Wacky Revs & Speed
  177. 07-08: Motor Mounts Need Replacing
  178. Vent/Rant: Interior Rattle Irritates
  179. Advice Needed: Pin Stripe Removal
  180. Advice Needed: Billet Grill Or Mesh Grill
  181. Advice Needed: Tint??
  182. 05-06: HID Fog Light 3k or 6k
  183. Technical Problem: Trunk Air Strut Replacement
  184. Technical Problem: Light Problem
  185. Feedback: My Max Has Issues
  186. Technical Problem: Ticking Noise While Driving
  187. 2004 Only: Steering Wheel Is Tight
  188. Idle And Driving Vibration
  189. 04-08: Did You Know? (Our ECU Doesn't Record Miles)
  190. 04-06: Did You Know? (Back Up Key For Less Than $10)
  191. Advice Needed: Car Will Not Turn On At All
  192. Feedback: Out With The Old, In With The NEW NEW
  193. Technical Problem: Car Won't Start (Friends Car)
  194. Advice Needed: Keep My 6thgen...or Trade It In?
  195. Technical Problem: Car Died! Need Help
  196. 04-06: Wheel Locks M12-1.50 Will Fit?
  197. Advice Needed: 2007 Maxima Backup Sensor/Sonar
  198. Suggestion: Debage or Leave It??
  199. 05-06: Electric Buffer Waxing vs Hand Waxing
  200. 04-06: O2 Sim????
  201. Technical Problem: Auto AC
  202. Advice Needed: Shudder/Vibration Between 35-45 MPH
  203. Advice Needed: Trip to the Dealer
  204. Technical Problem: Splash Guard Under Front Bumper And Engine Gone
  205. 05-06: Burning Rubber Smell In The Cabin
  206. Advice Needed: Torque Phone App
  207. Advice Needed: 2005 5AT Tranny After Valve Body Replacement
  208. 04-06: Car Quote Tomm...
  209. Advice Needed: Air Bag Light Stays On
  210. Advice Needed: Shift Knob Broke... Help
  211. Advice Needed: Anybody Use These Tints...
  212. 07-08: Problem With Steering In Cold Weather
  213. Advice Needed: Halo w/Amber Strip Or White Strip
  214. Advice Needed: Mod Installation Quotes
  215. 04-08: Window No Longer Works
  216. Advice Needed: Selling A Financed Car
  217. Advice Needed: No Heat
  218. 04-08: Why Do You Need To Cut Off Bump Stop On Strut Bushing?
  219. 04-08: Did You Know? (Accicent & Seatbelts)
  220. Advice Needed: Is It Ok To Leave A Car Sit For 5-6 Months?
  221. 04-06: Turn Bottom Indicators Into Fog Lights?
  222. Technical Problem: How To Put 05' w/Navi Into Secret Diagnostic Mode
  223. Advice Needed: Need Recommendation Shift Kit Install In Baltimore, MD
  224. 2006 Only: Unlock & Lock When Car Is Placed In Drive And Park?
  225. Advice Needed: NWP Spacers Question
  226. 04-06: Did You Know? (Mirrors)
  227. 04-06: Did You Know? (Key Fob)
  228. 04-08: Daily Driver Weight Reduction
  229. Advice Needed: Should I Remove Cornering Light Tint With Stillen Lip???
  230. 04-08: Rear Wheel Drive 6th Gen
  231. 04-08: Did You Know Section?
  232. 05-06: Transmission Interchange (5spd Auto)
  233. Suggestion: What Should Be My Next Mod?
  234. Advice Needed: What License Plate Should I Get?
  235. Technical Problem: Keyless Entry Question
  236. 04-08: DTC codes
  237. 04-06: What Battery Should I Go With?
  238. 04-08: Battery Question
  239. 04-08: Maxima Problems
  240. 04-08: Where Do You Purchase OEM Nissan Dealer Parts?
  241. 04-08: What Type of Battery Do You Use?
  242. 04-08: Do You Have A Check Engine Light (CEL)?