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  1. Technical Problem: 07 Transmission Slipping
  2. Advice Needed: Slightly Slow and Sluggish Starting?
  3. 04-06: Where is the heater water control valve?
  4. Technical Problem: Car wont start (6 speed swap) catch but not run
  5. 07-08: 2007 Maxima Catbck Exhaust Research
  6. Advice Needed: IGN & ECCS Fuse Keep Blowing
  7. Technical Problem: Car died on highway now wonts stay running pkease help
  8. Advice Needed: Clicking, ticking noise coming from engine
  9. Advice Needed: Popping/backfire noise from intake/rear engine
  10. Advice Needed: Time to port but where to go?
  11. 07-08: Shuddering on decel
  12. Feedback: Supra stick tranny controller?
  13. Advice Needed: 04 VQ35DE Rear Upper Engine Noise Help??
  14. Technical Problem: 04 Nissan Maxima transmission issues..
  15. Advice Needed: Mobil 1 5W30 Being Burned Like Crazy?
  16. Technical Problem: Help Please!!!!
  17. Advice Needed: 6 speed owners advice needed
  18. Advice Needed: suction cover gasket
  19. Technical Problem: 06 Max SES Light + Codes P0500, P1574 & P1800
  20. Advice Needed: Code 1446 please help
  21. Technical Problem: Starting issues
  22. Technical Problem: Tps testing 05 maxima
  23. Advice Needed: Rebuilt valve body
  24. Technical Problem: Airbag/seatbelt light and battery light on
  25. Advice Needed: Please help fail-safe mode!!
  26. Technical Problem: Please help diagnose transmission (?) problem on 2007 Maxima
  27. Technical Problem: 6 speed help to rebuild!
  29. Advice Needed: Best online site to source OEM parts?
  30. Technical Problem: Vacuum cleaner type sound coming from engine area? Need advice!
  31. Advice Needed: Code 744 after installing new VB
  32. Technical Problem: oil leak under 07 maxima
  33. Advice Needed: front motor mount replacement
  34. Technical Problem: When I turn my vents on the engine seems to wanna stall every 10 seconds???
  35. Advice Needed: Car shuts off and turns back on while driving
  36. Advice Needed: transaxle and torque converter fill/reinstall ?
  37. Advice Needed: Misfire at idle and no misfire codes
  38. Advice Needed: Oxygen sensor wiring
  39. Advice Needed: Need advice on transmission maintenance
  40. 04-06: Help 04 maxima
  41. 07-08: Coolant leak from this hose? Cant find the part number
  42. Advice Needed: Can I use gl4/gl5 gear oils?
  43. Advice Needed: What Octane Do You Use
  44. 04-06: 2006 Nissan Maxima Tranny problems?
  45. Advice Needed: Touched throttle body butterfly to clean, Max won't idle
  46. Advice Needed: Clutch issues 06 maxima
  47. Suggestion: Rebuilding power steering pump
  48. Technical Problem: Overheating on the highway after 30 minutes of driving
  49. Advice Needed: How to replace 6spd transmission mount
  50. Advice Needed: Knock sensor (bank 1) location?
  51. Advice Needed: Help on motor mount
  52. Advice Needed: Rear motor mount is a pain in my a$$
  53. Advice Needed: 04 trans repair (Valve body only or complete)
  54. 2004 Only: Replaced Valve Body last night Today stuck in 5th :(
  55. 04-06: Random Misfire and Throwing Codes
  56. 04-06: 06 maxima SE problem please help!
  57. Advice Needed: Upstream bank1 O2 reads lean, downstream reads fine
  58. Advice Needed: Cranks for longer when the engine is warm
  59. Advice Needed: Motor Oil Leak
  60. Technical Problem: What is this thing? It's leaking oil.
  61. Technical Problem: Please Help!!! Only have Fifth gear. And already broke two motor mounts
  62. Feedback: Wrong sensor or rite sensor?
  63. Advice Needed: valve covers.
  64. Advice Needed: 06 No throttle, feels like limp mode?
  65. Technical Problem: Heat (fan) stuck on high
  66. Advice Needed: Squealing Unbearable
  67. Technical Problem: She cut off on me :(
  68. Advice Needed: Idle Pulley broke
  69. Technical Problem: Spark plug issues.
  70. Advice Needed: Engine Mount Time!
  71. Technical Problem: Flashing Check Engine Light, Now No Start
  72. Technical Problem: wiring harness
  73. 04-06: 1 piece clutch line help cant find anywhere!
  74. Technical Problem: Major problems after transgo in 04 Max
  75. Advice Needed: install front timing cover tips....front cover seal
  76. Advice Needed: header swap- EGR
  77. Advice Needed: What fuel injectors do you use?
  78. Advice Needed: 07 Max Modification Budget $2000
  79. Technical Problem: Bad Idle, Sluggish Performance?
  80. Advice Needed: Transmission Shops In NYC Area
  81. Technical Problem: 2004 Stalling At Idle
  82. Advice Needed: 04 Motor Replacement Options
  83. Technical Problem: Help With Passnger Axle
  84. Technical Problem: 02 Sensors Help
  85. 07-08: Squeaking Belt Video
  86. Technical Problem: Problem With Shifter After Clutch Install
  87. Technical Problem: Sluggish Performance
  88. Advice Needed: Ignition Coils
  89. Advice Needed: Motor Mounts
  90. Advice Needed: 2004 Automatic Transmission Problems (re4f04b)
  91. Technical Problem: Max Won't Start
  92. Technical Problem: Car Starts After You Stop Cranking It
  93. Technical Problem: P0780
  94. Advice Needed: Can't Remove Harness On Camshaft Position Sensor
  95. Technical Problem: Engine Install, DTC, No Start
  96. Technical Problem: Letting Off Throttle At Lower Speeds Jerks Abruptly
  97. Advice Needed: 04 Maxima Engine Removal
  98. Technical Problem: Clutch Slipping
  99. Technical Problem: A/C Delete, Is There A Shorter Belt
  100. Advice Needed: SAFC2 Questions And Wideband Help
  101. Technical Problem: Valve Body Solenoids
  102. Suggestion: Squeaky Clutch Pedal
  103. Technical Problem: Engine Stall and Shut off
  104. Advice Needed: CVT Dead
  105. Advice Needed: Oil Leaking = Tuneup And Other Mods/Repairs
  106. Advice Needed: Crankshaft Sensor Code But Then......
  107. Advice Needed: Transmission Issues Due To Big Wheels
  108. Advice Needed: Idle Adjustment to Low
  109. Suggestion: P0507 Fixed
  110. Advice Needed: 04 Maxima (5at): rough idle and stalling issue
  111. Advice Needed: Dealership Screw
  112. Advice Needed: Help!! Ses Codes
  113. Advice Needed: AC/ power window problems
  114. Advice Needed: Single click after startup?
  115. Advice Needed: My Transmission Is Acting Up
  116. Technical Problem: Starting Issues
  117. Advice Needed: Install Apexi AFR Neo Maxima 2005
  118. Technical Problem: Trans Shop
  119. 04-06: Gas
  120. Advice Needed: Aftermarket Dryer (Liquid Tank)
  121. Advice Needed: Upper Motor Mount
  122. Advice Needed: Tranny Stuck In 5th. No Codes
  123. Advice Needed: Heater/AC Air Stopped Working All Of Sudden
  124. Advice Needed: Coolant Leak: Headgasket??
  125. 07-08: Cooling System Purge Valve?
  126. Feedback: 2007 Maxima Turbo
  127. Technical Problem: Engine Noise On Deceleration
  128. Advice Needed: Changing Spark Plugs This Weekend
  129. Testimonial: Need Help ASAP p0300 p0427 Random Misfire
  130. Advice Needed: Car Died And Stealership Says To Replace ECM (Engine Control Module)
  131. Technical Problem: p0744 Forever
  132. Testimonial: Coolant Flush
  133. Advice Needed: p0021 and p1135 codes
  134. 07-08: Transmission/CVT question
  135. Advice Needed: Possible Bad Crankshaft Position Sensor
  136. Advice Needed: Top Right Mount Removal
  137. 04-08: Unknown Tube/Hose And CV Boot
  138. 04-06: Oil Leak Passenger Side Replaced Oil Cooler Ring
  139. Technical Problem: Help With Check Engine Light Code P0171
  140. Technical Problem: Series Of Problems With The Z...Anyone Want To Help?
  141. Advice Needed: Does Anyone Know Where This Ground Wire Goes
  142. Advice Needed: Motor Mount Options
  143. Advice Needed: Transmission Does Not Come Out Of Park
  144. 05-06: Codes p0726 And p1726 05 Max
  145. 07-08: Mishimoto Radiator for CVT
  146. 07-08: My Car Is Making A Whistle Noise
  147. Advice Needed: Gear selector is out of sync with tranny
  148. Advice Needed: Turn Off Automatic Downshifting
  149. Feedback: Valvebody May Not Be The Fix-All
  150. Advice Needed: Engine Idle Advice - Whats Next
  151. Advice Needed: Help With 6spd Slave Cylinder Replacement
  152. 2005 Only: Transmission Slips When Its Hot Outside Or If I Drive It Hard
  153. Advice Needed: New 05 SE Owner With Tons Of Issues
  154. Advice Needed: Can't Get Tranny And Engine Aligned
  155. Feedback: Holes In Valve Body Cover
  156. Advice Needed: Reprogram Computer After VB
  157. Advice Needed: Belt Noise On Startup
  158. 04-06: Need Help With Code
  159. 04-06: Bad Noise From Car
  160. Advice Needed: Tuning In New York
  161. Need Some Advice With My 2005 Maxima
  162. Advice Needed: I Believe My Timing Chain Tensioner Is Worn
  163. Advice Needed: 5spd AT Cooler Question
  164. Advice Needed: Car Won't Crank
  165. Advice Needed: Power Loss
  166. Feedback: Codes
  167. Advice Needed: SES Light On
  168. Advice Needed: Aftermarket B Pipe?
  169. Technical Problem: Stuttering Before Downshift
  170. Technical Problem: RPMs And Speedo All Over The Place
  171. Technical Problem: Brake And Battery Light On!
  172. 04-08: Rear Mounted Turbo
  173. Advice Needed: AC / Limp Mode
  174. Technical Problem: I Am Ready To Allow My Maxima To Drift Off A Cliff
  175. Advice Needed: GForce Performance Chip Kit
  176. 04-06: Cosmo Pully Question
  177. Technical Problem: P1065 Code After Moving Interior Temperature Sensor
  178. Advice Needed: Royal Purple
  179. Technical Problem: Help Needed With Trouble Code
  180. Technical Problem: What Is This Leaking?
  181. 04-08: ECU TCU Reprogramming
  182. Advice Needed: 05 Auto Trans Question
  183. Technical Problem: Burning Oil When Starting
  184. Advice Needed: Vacuum Hose
  185. Advice Needed: Where Is The Knock Sensor
  186. Testimonial: Just A General Transmission Question.. Before I Panic
  187. Technical Problem: Rebuilding a 6th Gen
  188. Technical Problem: Car Won't Accelerate!!! RPMs Wont Rise
  189. 07-08: Engine Whine Since New Belts
  190. Technical Problem: Cylinder 2 Misfire At 6k RPM
  191. Technical Problem: Fuel Pump
  192. 04-06: After Headers Install I Get Rough Idle
  193. Advice Needed: Calling All Motor Guys And Gals
  194. Advice Needed: 2008 Maxima O2 Sensor: Bosch 15525 Or Bosch 15521?
  195. Advice Needed: Changing Power Steering Pump
  196. 04-08: Motor Oil Simplified
  197. Feedback: Anyone Attempted A VQ37 Swap?
  198. Advice Needed: 2005 SL Tranny Issues
  199. Advice Needed: Conversion 4spd Into 6spd Manual!
  200. Technical Problem: 6 Speed Tranny Trouble Shifting Gears
  201. 07-08: Multi Cylinder Misfire Recurring Code
  202. Technical Problem: Car Stars Sometimes Then Doesn't Start Sometimes. Why?
  203. Advice Needed: Anyone Know Where The Coolant Bleeder Valve Is?
  204. Advice Needed: Guys Im Lost!!! Need Help!
  205. Advice Needed: Idle Relearn Consequences???
  206. Technical Problem: Thinnest Motor Oil?
  207. Advice Needed: Screeching Sound On Start Up
  208. Technical Problem: P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Code
  209. Technical Problem: Put Car Into Gear Wont Move!!! Help
  210. Advice Needed: P420 Code
  211. Advice Needed: Does $250 In Labor For Main Front And Right Mount Sound Right?
  212. Technical Problem: Clicking Sound
  213. Technical Problem: Swapped Engine, Now Motor Won't Turn Help!!
  214. Advice Needed: Replacing Radiator Support
  215. Advice Needed: Need Some Advice/Information
  216. Technical Problem: Engine Cylinders Misfiring
  217. 2004 Only: A/F Sensor
  218. Technical Problem: Hole In Timing Chain Cover Help!!!
  219. Advice Needed: Change Height Of Shifter
  220. 2004 Only: Do I Change A Filter For My Transmission Fluid?
  221. Technical Problem: How To Read Oil Dipstick
  222. 04-06: XSTURBO - Is It Any Good, Will It Hurt 3-6 psi
  223. Advice Needed: Transmission Problems
  224. Technical Problem: Shaking At Idle
  225. Advice Needed: Transmission Problems
  226. Advice Needed: Im Swaping My Engine Need Help
  227. Technical Problem: PO744 After Doing Valve Body Swap From Level 10
  228. Feedback: Clutch Issue
  229. Advice Needed: Fuel System Problem?
  230. Advice Needed: Engine Swap Write Up???
  231. Advice Needed: Rostra Solenoids Any Good?
  232. Technical Problem: Funny Pulsing Sound at Start Up
  233. Advice Needed: Using Oil. Only 78k Miles!
  234. Technical Problem: Transmission Car Stopped Working
  235. Advice Needed: 5AT Converted To 6 Speed: Wiring Issues
  236. Technical Problem: Overheating On Long Drives Still
  237. Technical Problem: I just changed the oil- computer system thinks otherwise
  238. Technical Problem: High Idle At Cold Start
  239. Technical Problem: SES light
  240. 2004 Only: gas consumption
  241. Technical Problem: Engine makes raspy noise when I accelerate
  242. Advice Needed: Motor Mount Needs To Be Changed
  243. Advice Needed: Studder Around 1.5 rpms!
  244. 04-06: Need Help With Tranny Trouble
  245. Advice Needed: A/F Tuning Question
  246. Advice Needed: How Much Average For A New/Used Working Transmission
  247. Technical Problem: CVT Problem??
  248. Technical Problem: Apexi Super AFC 2 Question And A Few Others :/
  249. Anybody Ever Heard Of A Water Pump Doing This? (Please Comment)
  250. Technical Problem: Need New Throttle Body