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  1. Technical Problem: Apexi Super AFC 2 Question And A Few Others :/
  2. Anybody Ever Heard Of A Water Pump Doing This? (Please Comment)
  3. Technical Problem: Need New Throttle Body
  4. Advice Needed: Rear Valve Gasket Oil Leak
  5. Advice Needed: Timing Chain Service - Locations For Members
  6. Advice Needed: Cold Air Intake
  7. Advice Needed: Performance Motorsports
  8. 04-08: Quick Question About Antifreeze
  9. Technical Problem: Car Won't Start First Try (05 Max)
  10. Advice Needed: I Need A New 6 Spd Manual Transmission
  11. Advice Needed: Front Engine Mount Removal
  12. Advice Needed: P0303
  13. Technical Problem: New Tensioner New Guide NO START
  14. Advice Needed: Car Cranks, Revs, Then Dies??!!
  15. Advice Needed: Whats that noise i hate so much?
  16. 04-06: RPM Issues Wont Pass 3000 RPMs When Driving
  17. Technical Problem: Car Wants To Stall When Accelerating
  18. Advice Needed: When Do I Change The Timing Chain?
  19. Advice Needed: 04 Maxima No Power At WOT
  20. Advice Needed: What's That Noise
  21. 2004 Only: Good or Bad For My Engine/Tranny?
  22. Technical Problem: Is My Throttle Body Messed Up?
  23. 05-06: Fault Code P0300
  24. 05-06: How To Line Up Timing Chain?
  25. 05-06: Connecting Rod Bearings Torque Spec?
  26. Technical Problem: Car Is Shooting Me Code P0021 And P0300 - NEED HELP!!!!
  27. Advice Needed: O2 Sensors In An 04 Maxima
  28. Advice Needed: Looking For Engine...What Will Work?
  29. Advice Needed: How Exactly Do You Know If Your CVT Is Failing?
  30. Advice Needed: Just My Luck, Shifting Problems!
  31. Technical Problem: p0726 Error
  32. Advice Needed: Need Tips From Our Manual (6Spd) Drivers!
  33. 04-06: Injectors, Fuel Pump, or Something Else?
  34. Technical Problem: Need Help With An Oil Leak
  35. Advice Needed: Switching To Synthetic Engine And Transmission Oil, Need Help!
  36. 07-08: How You Do Guys Like The Block Off Plate?
  37. Advice Needed: What Exactly Is CVT Transmission?
  38. Advice Needed: Is It My Transmission Or Something Else?
  39. Advice Needed: Need Help For A Fellow Member Amaxxf09
  40. Advice Needed: Extended Cranking
  41. Technical Problem: CVT Squeal
  42. 04-06: Something Wierd With Clutch
  43. 04-06: Engine or Tranny Trouble
  44. Feedback: Stillen Lightweight Pulley
  45. Advice Needed: Dealer Replaced Timing Chains Due To The Noise!
  46. Advice Needed: Clutch Pedal Droping After Driving In Warm Weather
  47. Advice Needed: Throttle Lag
  48. 07-08: New Spark Plugs
  49. 2005 Only: Preventative Maintenance On Timing Chain
  50. Technical Problem: 2004 Max Having Problems Turning Over...Electrical (Computer/Battery?)
  51. Advice Needed: Oil Pan Gasket Leaking
  52. Advice Needed: 6thgen OEM Pre-Cats Part Number
  53. Technical Problem: Overheating With AC On
  54. Technical Problem: Who Can Diagnose My Problem
  55. Advice Needed: Leak Near The Y-Pipe
  56. Advice Needed: Nitrous
  57. Technical Problem: Help, SES, TCS And Slip Light Are All On
  58. Technical Problem: A/C Compressor Replacement
  59. 04-08: P0300 (Multiple Cyl. Misfire) Issues
  60. Advice Needed: Time For Another Round Of "Guess That Mystery Sound"!
  61. Advice Needed: Buying A Used Motor
  62. Advice Needed: Changing The Fluids
  63. 04-06: I Finally Fixed My Timing Chain
  64. Technical Problem: Air Conditoning A Piece Of S***
  65. Advice Needed: Engine Chirpping Noise
  66. Technical Problem: 04 SE 5spd AT - New Valve Body - New Hard Shift
  67. Technical Problem: 04 Maxima Runs Great For 10 Min Then Dies
  68. 05 Max, 5spd Valve Body
  69. Suggestion: Wierd Smell
  70. Suggestion: Am I Missing Something Here?
  71. Technical Problem: P1564 Help 08 Maxima
  72. Feedback: Cruise Control Speed Limiter?
  73. 04-08: Timing Chain Tensioners or Not?
  74. 04-06: Adjust Clutch Engagement?
  75. Advice Needed: SoCal Mechanics
  76. Technical Problem: Ripped Passenger Inner Boot
  77. I Need Timing Advance Done!
  78. Advice Needed: Oil Leak
  79. Technical Problem: 2004 Maxima SE 6spd - Multiple Cylinder Misfire
  80. Check Engine Light..
  81. Advice Needed: Guide-Air, Engine Mount
  82. 04-08: Stopped Up Y-pipe?? Or Something Else
  83. Technical Problem: Need Some Assistance For A Fellow Member
  84. Advice Needed: Engine Service Soon Light Came On Today Need Input
  85. Advice Needed: Have To Pull Shifter Hard To Go Into Drive
  86. Advice Needed: Idler Pulley Order.
  87. Advice Needed: Idle Relearn
  88. Advice Needed: Shift Solenoid B Malfunction NATS Malfuction After Valve Body Replacement
  89. Feedback: Problem With Aftermarket Clutch
  90. Advice Needed: Anyone in Cinci/Dayton done valve body before??
  91. Advice Needed: 2006 Nissan Maxima SL Tranny Question
  92. 2006 Only: Nissan Maxima 06 SE Trans Problem?
  93. Advice Needed: Replaced Valve Body Still Hard(er) Shifts, No Reverse
  94. Advice Needed: 6th Gen Fuel Rail Upgrade?
  95. 07-08: My Maxima Is Leaking Oil! :'(
  96. Advice Needed: Timing
  97. Advice Needed: Normal For The P0420 Code To Go Away??
  98. Advice Needed: Transmisson Flush vs Drain
  99. Technical Problem: Safc2 Issue
  100. Advice Needed: Under Drive Pulleys For 07 08!
  101. Technical Problem: Engine Trouble Help Please
  102. Front Lower Oxygen Sensor
  103. Advice Needed: Taking My Car To A Nissan Dealer
  104. Advice Needed: Need a Power Steering Pump
  105. Advice Needed: Service Engine Light, Brake Light, Slip Light, etc
  106. Suggestion: Has Anyone Posted This Before...CVT Fluid
  107. Advice Needed: Timing Chain/Tensioner/Guide Rattling
  108. 07-08: SES/CEL Came On Again Today
  109. Advice Needed: Case Of The Mondays.. Trans Blew on 95 Need Help ASAP
  110. Advice Needed: Blinking SES light
  111. 04-06: JWT Flywheel
  112. Advice Needed: Trying To Save Money
  113. Advice Needed: In Need Of Some Desperate Help!!!!
  114. Advice Needed: Timing Cover - Tiny Oil Leak
  115. 04-06: Tune Up
  116. 04-06: What's A Good Programmer?
  117. Advice Needed: Broken Sensor......Need Help To Find Out The Name To Replace It
  118. Advice Needed: Wheel Spin Problem
  119. Technical Problem: Timing Chain Noise Fix/Tutorial
  120. Advice Needed: Weird Humming Noise, RPM Sensitive.
  121. Advice Needed: Mounts, Rust, and Other Goodies
  122. Technical Problem: Belt Or Pully Bearing Noise?
  123. Technical Problem: Flashing CEL
  124. Review: 02-08 VQ Timing Cover Internals Parts Guide 101
  125. Advice Needed: Running Bad, P1402
  126. Advice Needed: Timing Chain Fixed, Now New Problem
  127. Advice Needed: P1110 - Unknown Engine Code
  128. Advice Needed: Upper o2 sensors
  129. Advice Needed: Service Engine Codes...
  130. Technical Problem: Possible Throwout Bearing Problem. Need Help
  131. Advice Needed: Flywheel Resurface..
  132. Advice Needed: Looking For Engine Mounts
  133. Advice Needed: Manual Trans Whine In 2nd Gear Only
  134. Advice Needed: Disconnecting The Fuel Rail From The Injectors
  135. 07-08: Possible CVT issue?
  136. Advice Needed: Engine Tuning?
  137. Advice Needed: Code P1283
  138. Advice Needed: Removing The Timing Chain Cover
  139. 04-06: What Are The Benefits of A SAFC on A 6thgen?
  140. Technical Problem: Need New Motor Mount and ECU?
  141. Technical Problem: Having Trouble Putting The Car In Park...
  142. Advice Needed: Slip Light Flashing
  143. 04-06: Need Help! Radiator for 5th Gen Maxima
  144. Advice Needed: Normal Sound Or Tensioner? *Video*
  145. Feedback: So I Seafoamed Today
  146. Advice Needed: Clutch Sticking To The Floor
  147. Advice Needed: EXTREMELY Low Engine Oil... Where Did It Go?
  148. Advice Needed: Recommended Transmission Shops in NYC?
  149. Technical Problem: Trans-Axle Seal Problem
  150. Advice Needed: Thought Starter Was Bad...Not The Case
  151. Technical Problem: Starter Location Help
  152. Advice Needed: CVT Vs. Mods
  153. Advice Needed: How Much Vibration Is Normal At Idle?
  154. Advice Needed: Rotten Egg Smell- Pre Cats?
  155. Advice Needed: Transmission Fluid- Flush Or Drain And Fill?
  156. Advice Needed: Light Weight Pulley
  157. Advice Needed: Is The Maxima Reliable?
  158. Advice Needed: Timing Chain Tensioner Problem Car Not Working Anymore Help!
  159. 04-06: Engine Swap And Maybe 6 Speed Conversion
  160. Advice Needed: Am I Having The Dreaded Timing Chain Tensioner Problem?
  161. Advice Needed: Qwik Valve Drain Plug
  162. Technical Problem: Have Trouble Starting My Car, Please Help
  163. Advice Needed: Is It Possible To Put An 04-06 6 Speed Transmission An An 07-08 Maxima?
  164. 07-08: CEL Went Away?
  165. Max Jerks When Put On R or D
  166. 04-08: Wierd Engine Whine Noise
  167. Suggestion: Gear Stick Won't Go Past Neutral
  168. Advice Needed: RMT (Turbo)
  169. Advice Needed: 100K Tune Up Parts List
  170. Advice Needed: P1273
  171. Advice Needed: Recommended Transmission Shops In Austin, TX?
  172. Advice Needed: Tuning Up My Ride At 122k
  173. Advice Needed: Intake vs Spacers
  174. Advice Needed: When To Replace The Pulley....
  175. Advice Needed: PCV Valve Replacement?
  176. Advice Needed: Squeaking Noise From Driver's Side Front
  177. 07-08: CEL Comes On After Changing Battery
  178. Advice Needed: 2008 Max , Need Help
  179. 07-08: P2A03, P2A00, and P0138
  180. Technical Problem: WTF Click Click No Start
  181. Advice Needed: New Engine or New Cats
  182. 04-06: CEL On - TCC Clutch Solenoid Valve
  183. Technical Problem: 07' Maxima Oil Light
  184. 04-06: How Do I Replace The Motor Mount?
  185. Technical Problem: Engine Noise
  186. Advice Needed: Manual Tranny Removal
  187. Technical Problem: Oil Soaked Around The VIAS
  188. Advice Needed: Cam Shaft
  189. Technical Problem: P011 code And Can't Fix It!
  190. Technical Problem: Random CEL Help!
  191. Advice Needed: 2006 Maxima SL Misfiring? Struggling?
  192. Advice Needed: No Spark After Timing Chains, Tensioners And Exhaust Cam
  193. Technical Problem: 04 SE Stuck In 5th Gear.. AT
  194. Advice Needed: Nissan Says I Need A New Transmission
  195. Advice Needed: 2006 Maxima Clutch Kit
  196. Testimonial: Coded Out...
  197. Feedback: Oil Is Present...
  198. Technical Problem: Car Randomly Dies...?
  199. 04-08: Pulley Replacement!
  200. 04-06: Motor Mounts
  201. Advice Needed: Engine Belts Squealing When Weather Is Wet/Damp?
  202. Advice Needed: Maxima Is Dead Omg, Help Me!
  203. Advice Needed: +2 Advanced Timing..
  204. Advice Needed: Tuning ECU ?
  205. Technical Problem: Cooling Fans Not Working Properly
  206. Advice Needed: RacingLine Aluminum MMI...Opinions
  207. Car Was Produced Before 2004
  208. Technical Problem: Smoke Coming From Engine Bay
  209. Technical Problem: Air Bag Light
  210. Advice Needed: Timing Advance Needed In Florida
  211. Advice Needed: Hey Guys I Need Help
  212. Advice Needed: A/C Stopped Working
  213. 07-08: It May Not Be Your Rear Main Seal ( Oil Leak )
  214. Computer Location 04 Max.
  215. Advice Needed: What To Expect After Valve Body Replacement???
  216. Technical Problem: Ignition Coil Keeps Burning
  217. Feedback: Engine Movement
  218. Feedback: 6spd Manual Transmission Only!
  219. Advice Needed: Innovate MTX-L Wideband, Headlight Wire?
  220. 04-08: Need help with P0300 and Fuel Pressure
  221. Advice Needed: What Do You Need For a NOS Wet Kit?
  222. Advice Needed: Any Insight On Tuning Apexi Neo
  223. Advice Needed: P0300 & P0301
  224. Advice Needed: 04' 5spd Auto Transmission Issue
  225. 07-08: Push The Gas And Nothing Happens.....
  226. Advice Needed: Tiptronic
  227. Engine Whine
  228. Advice Needed: MAF Sensor Removal
  229. Technical Problem: PCV
  230. Advice Needed: Air Conditioner Recharger?
  231. Advice Needed: To Replace My Engine or Not?
  232. 2006 Only: Antifreeze
  233. Suggestion: Need A New CAT
  234. Technical Problem: Changed Spark Plugs And Cleaned TB, Now Engine Idles High
  235. Technical Problem: Coolant Issue
  236. Advice Needed: Coolant Issue
  237. Supercharger Turbonator Stage 2
  238. 04-06: Installing NWP Spacers Tonite And Have Some Q's
  239. Timing Chain Fix
  240. How Do I Change My Sparkplugs?
  241. Testimonial: New Engine Mount
  242. Battery Discussion
  243. Feedback: Supercharger Kit For The 6/6.5gen That Doesnt Need Custom Work?
  244. Advice Needed: 07 +2 Timing advance
  245. 04-06: Big 3 Upgrade?
  246. Advice Needed: Where The Hell Can I Find A Pulley?
  247. Technical Problem: Car in Limp Mode
  248. Advice Needed: NWP Spacers Coming Tomorrow!!!
  249. Advice Needed: Car Has Super Duper Really Hard Time Going Past 100MPH
  250. Suggestion: Custom Intake Manifold