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Default Not sure how to proceed - limp mode w/no code

2007 Maxima

What has happened so far, in the order of occurrence:

Check engine light came on one night, driving seemed perfectly fine.

Check engine light went away two days later. Didn't give it another thought - kind of assumed it was due to me back into a snow pile and filling the pipes on one side.

A week or two later the wife asked me if I had noticed it driving strangely. I did notice on my last trip that while on the highway the rpms seemed to move about 200 higher and lower while I was cruising steadily, but everything else seemed fine and I forgot about it by the time I got home (following a dentist visit, I tend to forget most everything following those)

She said that she had noticed something similar with the rpms but also that the slip/abs didn't seem to be working.

The Slip/TCS/ABs light came on a day later when I took it out.

Took it to the local parts store for a scan, it is driving fine at this point but clearly abs and slip are not coming on under slippery driving/stopping conditions.

Their scanner doesn't do maxima abs codes. The only code the pulled was old and it was P301, cylinder 1 misfire which I am assuming is the cause of the earlier CEL.

Got a scanner that handles nissan abs. It pulls a C1101.
Take the pass rear wheel off and pull the sensor, it has a cut through one side of the lead where it makes the bottom of the U between the sensor and the first holder. The cut/break went through the shield and into the copper.

Replaced the sensor with a new one from the local parts store.
Lights disappear but NOW the car is in limp mode with NO codes. Unplugged the new sensor and the lights come back on, as well as the code, plug it back in and they disappear.

Slip is working on the snow, but strangely it will also always come on when I do a tight turn (to the left, haven't tried right yet just due to where I am & being stuck in limp). Not sure abs is working - I can't get it going fast enough to really test.

I am an hour away from a dealer and would have to have it towed. Really trying to get an idea of what is going on before I have to do that, just not sure what to do/look at next with no codes to go on.

Thanks in advance!
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