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Default How to Keep Check Engine Light (CEL) After Header Install

Just sharing some information that could possibly work with a 6thgen since the setup is similar to the 2003-2003 3.5L Maximas.

If anyone tries it... please post and let us know. Thanks.

Courtesy of NISSAN 4 LIFE from NYCMAXIMAS.

Originally Posted by NISSAN 4 LIFE View Post
this worked great on my 5.5 gen after my header and ypipe codes

these spacers are only for the secondary sensors only! you do not touch the primary sensors

dont forget to disconnect the negative battery terminal b4 your put these on your sensors

1. buy 2 packages (2 spacers in each package) of anti spark plug foulers...number 42002..found at autozone or pepboys(look for yourself..many people who work their dont even kno wut they are)

Click the image to open in full size.

2. drill out one spacer from each package with a 1/2inch drill bit for the 02 sensor to fit when screwed in

3. weld new 02 bungs into as close of stock locations of the stock ypipe and front header...this is were i welded them into my hotshot header and ypipe

Click the image to open in full size.

^^ picture above is were i welded my 02 bung in the you can see i have one of the spacer alredy screwed into the bung(i was painting it)

Click the image to open in full size.

^^pictured above is my hotshot front header...circled red is the new bung i located for the primary sensor the use to hit the ac comporessor(hotshots bad design)..circled blue is the old bung plugged...circled green is the new 02 bung for the secondary sensor...

4. this is very important...DO NOT JUST WELDED THE BUNGS ANYWHERE YOU FEEL LIKE have to get it around the stock location and also check and see if you wuld have any clearance issues...with these spacer you adding about 2inches to the 02sensor...on my ypipe i have it perfectly aligned with the mounting bracket...their was plenty of room for the senor and spacers to fit...on the header its welded almost exactly on the side of the header(talking about when the header is bolted up) do not just want to jamb the sensor and spacers anywhere to have make it very easy to see if you have issues...unplugg the sensors...screw on both spacers and hold it to see were you can weld a bung to(but be carefull...if you have a spot thats perect..thenn have sum1 hold it and see if it still reaches to plug back u dont have 2 extend anything)

5. what do the spacer do?...the spacers space out the 02 sensor from the exhaust flow..thus thinkin their is still a cat inplace(less exhaust flow)..thus tricking the computer

6..this whole thing is for people who do not want to splice or cut wires to set up a sim...and do not have to make any wires longer(if done correctly)...gettin bungs close to stock locations is so important so no wire extension wuld be needed and you can have you 02 plugs on the metal clips instead of hanging around in the engine bay....for you anal guys like me lol

7.. it goes together like this...bung..non drilled spacer...then drilled spacer...02 that order

**note** this worked great for my 02 max...shuld also for the 03...applications may change with different years like 02 sensors being smaler or bigger...the only thing that wuld change wuld be the spacer size...

any questions ask or p.m me...this might sound comlicated but is very very simple

here a quick pik of it all installed...crappy but hope u get the point

Click the image to open in full size.
^^this is the front header...crappy pik...this is takin from under the car...

Click the image to open in full size.
^^ this is it installed on the ypipe...see how its lined up with the mounting bracket on the can also see the 2 spacers with the sensor all together...
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6thgen 2014 Build Thread
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