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Default Anybody Want To Help Me With A Problem On My 350z

Hey guys so I've done a full search here to see if anything similar has happened and literally couldn't find out whats wrong with my car. Ill start out with the details

So recently my car started acting up, i had the check engine code to change my driver side camshaft sensor, i ordered the part online and hasn't came yet. Anyway the car has a bad sensor for id say 2 weeks MAX and since I'm out of school i rarely drove the car it only hesitated to start twice. So the other day i was coming back from work and the car felt like it wanted to die on the freeway which i knew was a cause of the bad camshaft sensor so after that day i left the car parked and didn't drive it at all waiting til my new sensor to come to start driving it again. So today i was bored and went outside to replace my fender liners, i started the car and it started up 100% fine no hesitation at all i let it warm up and moved it inside the garage to install my fender liners. So an hour passes by and i finished installing the fender liners and i go back inside my car to start it just to pull it out of the garage and nothing. The car didn't even click and try to start, the gauges don't light up nothing not even the radio works. Its literally as if there were no battery with the exception that my tail lights, headlights and dome lights turn on but thats it. I have a really strong battery its an xs 5100-r that I've had since 2012 but never gave me problems. I cannot remember if i left the dome light on while installing but i doubt my led dome lights would kill my battery in an hour. Or can they? anyway i tried to jump start the car but still nothing. My battery doesn't have regular terminals so the jumper cables were barelyyyy on there so i don't know if thats the reason the car wouldn't jump start. Or can the bad camshaft sensor cause this? I would expect at least the radio to be able to play but nothing and what surprises me is that literally an hour before that my car turned on 100% fine can anyone PLEASEEEE help me? i have work and school starting tomorrow.

I also want to add some random info
I live in California so i doubt the weather has anything to do with my car starting i know cold weather can affect the car starting but its like 70 degrees here.
The car had atleast half a tank of gas so fuel isn't an issue

Also the battery gauge in the car was reading the battery over 12V right before i began to install my fender liners, i have a habit of checking the gauges every time i start the car so idk how it could've died out so fast
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