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Default Help With Check Engine Light Code P0171

Hello fellow 6th Genners, I'm hoping someone can provide some guidance on getting rid of the P0171 and P0174 codes on my 07 with 115,000 miles. A few weeks ago my check engine light came on with code P0350, Ignition coil primary/secondary circuit malfunction. I was having to crank the car excessively to start, it would idle high around 1k rpm, and the rpm's would rev up and down sporadically, especially when going down a hill. I took it to the dealer and they swapped the #2 coil with the #6 coil, to see if the code would follow. I had no issues for about a week and a half, and my check engine light came on again. I now have codes P0171 and P0174, lean bank 1 and 2. The car had the exact same symptoms as before, with high and erratic idle and hesitation on starting. The dealer has had my car for 2 days and say they have no clue what is causing this, and to continue driving hoping that the car throws another code, which I think is ridiculous. They say the voltage on the O2 sensors are fine, air flow was fine, and all other measurements looked good. They don't think replacing the #2 coil will fix things. Searching the forum seems to recommend replacing the MAF, which I don't necessarily have an issue doing, but I don't want to start throwing hundreds of dollars at this issue if it won't fix it. I have a Fujita CAI, Cattman y-pipe, and Magnaflow exhaust with resonator. The weld on my resonator is not in the best shape from continually bottoming out, I don't know if this would cause an exhaust leak that could cause this code? Can some of you experts recommend some things I can check to try to get rid of this code? Thanks in advance for the help.


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