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Default Re: 04 SE 5spd AT - New Valve Body - New Hard Shift

Originally Posted by maynard520 View Post
Okay, so I've done a ton of research and did the install earlier this week. I let the rtv sit until today. Somehow I missed the part about potentially having to "relearn" the TCM. Read I didn't and read I did need to do that.

regardless, I started to get a hard 2-3 shift and quick 3-4 shift just as everyone else with this transmission issue does it seems. Anyway, got the new OEM valve body from courtesyparts and took on the install. Everything went smooth, made sure the washers were in, wires hooked up right and that they weren't pinched when the cover was put back on.

I got it down off the ramps tuesday and did a little reverse to drive back and forth in my driveway just to make sure everything was normal and no leaks, but I didn't drive it. Drove it the first time tonight and the 2-3 shift is normal, 3-4 shift isn't quick, BUT it seems I have a new issue. When decelerating, like you're turning without completely stopping, I get a big bang/jerk when completing the turn and just trying to accelerate.

Thought I was being proactive with getting on this fairly early with the car.

If I want to try to have the TCM relearn procedure, can I just disconnect the negative terminal and it will have to learn everything all over again? Maybe I didn't drive it enough this evening and it was still learning?

Anyone have any similar experience?
i have the same exact issue i got my trans rebuild from level ten and with there valvebody and im having the same issue that big bang after i turn and accelerate i asked them to solve the issue and they told me to calibrate the black solenoid half a turn clock wise but i never tryed doing it.But im thinking of returning there valve body and getting a brand new nissan one but this is making me think again if i should do it..helpp guyss
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Default Re: 04 SE 5spd AT - New Valve Body - New Hard Shift

so, it's been a while since the issue and I've still been a lurker for the most part. Updating.

My $4700 Nissan transmission slipped again on the acceleration around 2nd gear on Monday morning. I took it to the dealership immediately. They've still got it and can't get the problem to replicate. I told them I'm not coming to get it until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, so keep trying.

They gave me a 12 month/12K mile guarantee in May. I have barely put 6k on it and it's only been about 9 months.

I've also called corporate and opened a third case and asked for a review of my previous case and a total reimbursement. I was originally told I had too many miles and I bought it used, so the previous care of the car couldn't be verified. Well, those aren't valid excuses this time and I even showed loyalty and bought my wife an Armada in December. We'll see what happens.

Scenario 1: Nissan reimburses me for the $4700 and replaces the transmission AGAIN

Scenario 2: They don't want to reimburse me, but I tell them I will use the money as a down payment at the dealership if they give me what the car is worth.

Scenario 3: They say it won't replicate the shift problem. Corporate won't pay. I tell service manager to provide to me in writing the car has a perfect bill of health so I can sell it.

Scenario 4: Corporate has already talked to dealership and doesn't want to replace transmission again. So they tell me it's fine. I bend over

Scenario 5: time to go to court.
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