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Default 04 Nissan Maxima transmission issues..

Hello all,

Just signed up today to ask a couple of questions.

First, a little back story I guess. My girlfriend recently bought an 04 Maxima. Her previous car was a Versa, which was a good car.. didn't have any issues with it other than getting into an accident. This Maxima though, no offense to any enthusiasts, but I would have told her to not buy it. She told me she was going to look at it with her dad, who was supposed to be mechanically inclined or something, and basically bought it on the spot. Didn't find out til hours later that she bought it.. so I went to go look at it and right away I didn't get a good feeling. The previous owner locked their keys in the car, so both the front doors had the top pried open.. had to bend the door frames back.

So the car has almost 140,000 miles on it.. and I have no clue if and when the previous owner maintained it. The claimed to have been the original owner, but I have my doubts. Sounds like the valves are tapping when I first start it up.. but the main issue I am worried about is the transmission. It shifts hard and slips a good bit. Well it did, until I put some Lucas oil in it to get us by for now. After doing some research, kind of feel like I shouldn't have done that since the fluid seems to be very specific.. but kind of glad I did because it did help a good bit. It still slips a little bit and sometimes has a hard shift, but before I put the Lucas in, there were times it would slip and shift so hard from 2nd to 3rd, it chirped the tires.

My question is this.. I plan on changing the fluid this weekend, not flushing it. I decided against a flush after doing some reading and since I have no clue what the condition of the transmission is inside, a flush might not be good for it. The fluid still has a slight pink hue to it.. it isn't burnt. If I change the fluid and it seems to help, should I risk flushing it? Or should I just stick with fluid changes? If it does help, should I change the fluid more frequently than normal to try and get all the old stuff out? When I change the fluid, should I add anymore Lucas oil or leave that out completely?

Thank you!
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Default Re: 04 Nissan Maxima transmission issues..

A failing transmission, will eventually fail no matter what additives you add. What you can do is either get it fixed for good or get a AAA for the tow that will happen if you don't fix it for good.
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