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Default 04 Maxima (5at): rough idle and stalling issue

Hey guys,

hoping for a little insight and direction as i try to troubleshoot my brother's car.

04 maxima 5 speed auto
160xxx miles

my brother's car has been suffering from a really rough idle. to the point where it dips below 4-500 rpm while stopped and almost stalls but it just catches itself. I pulled the code a few months back and got p0300 multiple cylinder misfire but there was no specific cylinder, so i do not think it's a bad coilpack (had the same problem on my sentra). erase the light, it comes back on a few weeks later and i get a p0171, lean bank #1 sensor. So i replace that sensor (firewall side above the precat) but that changes nothing.

in the past 2-3 months, my brother has said the car has stalled on him while coming to a stop (to a red light or a stop sign). Last night, i'm driving it w/my wife and i ask her did she fart she denies it and i'm not bashful about passing gas, so i would've owned up to it. the rotten egg smell lingers for a minute or two and when i'm slowing down to take a left, the car stalls on me. All of the dashboard lights flash on me (brake, airbag, ses, oil, etc). i have to put it in park and restart the car. Now i know what everyone is thinking. Rotten egg smell = cats but i dont know where to begin. He has all his original cats (pre and main).

i started another thread on here that has a yt video of the rough idle and someone stated that it may be egr stuck open. i searched and some have said it's the precat material in the header getting stuck in the egr and keeping it open. i'm going to try the "Coke can" idea that was offered. i'm going to tear into it tonight/tomorrow night but i'd like to hear some advice as there are no engine lights on.

i also thought it was a maf going bad since it was an idle issue but i'm trying not to drop money on items that don't need replacing.

sorry for the long post. for the tl:dr, here's a summary

04 maxima has crappy rough idle. has stalled coming to a stop. prior to stalling, smelled rotten egg smell. no codes and i've already replaced one of the o2 sensors.

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Default Re: 04 Maxima (5at): rough idle and stalling issue

I'd suggest you address the cats issue. I thought failing cats will result in bad engine performance. With 160k miles the cats may certainly have had their better days gone, and you have to be watchful they don't get sunk into the engine.
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