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Default How To Replace The Front Engine Mount

How to replace the front engine mount on 2006 Maxima

Notes: Jack stands were not required. The electric component that is mounted on the front and rear engine mounts is a damper that firms up or softens the mounts based upon the speed of your engine. For the best ride, make sure your new mount has this damper installed. I bought mine with damper on eBay for $72 and could find no difference between the old and new mounts. The rubber inserts had the exact same numbers stamped on them and the connecters were a perfect match. The dealership quoted me $199 + tax. Maybe others will have the same luck. My car now shifts smoother (remember, I installed a new valve body earlier this year) and is much quieter when in a low RPM pull. No more hum!

Here we go:

1: Disconnect the negative terminal from battery.

2: Remove the air intake box mounted above the radiator.

3: Remove plastic engine guard located below front bumper to expose radiator.

4: Partially drain the coolant from radiator. A quart or two should do it.

5: Disconnect the top radiator hose.

6: Carefully remove the radiator fan assembly. Leave the radiator installed. Try not to break the wire clips and connectors on the fan assembly.

7: Unplug the front engine mount damper connector.

8: Loosen the three 17mm bolts on the engine mount.

9: Slowly raise the oil pan with floor jack and wood blocks until 17mm bolts can be pulled out.

10: Continue raising the oil pan as needed until the upper section of the mount easily slides out from under the engine bracket guides. The engine must be raised enough to allow the top of mount to tilt toward the radiator.

11: Pull out old engine mount.

12: Install new mount in reverse order.

Good luck!


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Default Re: How to replace the front engine mount

So just did this. Ridiculously easy. when you pull the old mount make sure you notice that the bracket has this inverted v and the engine has to be high enough that the new mount will go in and then when you let the engine down it is held in by this v. My old mount slid right out but then the new one wouldn't go in until I raised the engine much higher.

255 at cheap auto shop but you can do it in around two hours.
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