Thread: Advice Needed: Looking For Engine...What Will Work?
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Default Re: Looking For Engine...What Will Work?

Originally Posted by Danski6MT View Post
Basically any Vq35de will work up to 2009. The 09' and up use both variable intake and exhaust on some models. Your options are 04-08 Altima,Maxima Murano as well as Quest although Quest has a lower horsepower rating, even though the engine is the same....
My 04 had an leftover o3 engine and those ratings were different between those years. This leads me to believe that Nissan falsified the ratings....just something to keep in mind.
3900 for an engine is a lot of money. I found my 07 engine with 3500 miles for 2k. I would look around. There are some low mileage engine out there if you are not in a hurry.

The fact that you are 6Mt will require you to swap middle oil pan onto the donor motor. Your 6Mt tranny will not bolt up to the auto middle pan. there are 2 o-rings that you will need to order from Nissan that are placed between the block and the middle oil pan.
Also while you are at it, I would order a new o-ring for the oil cooler/oil filter assy. that mates to the middle Pan.
sucks..was really hoping to swap in an 09 later on

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