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Default Lawd Geezus Help Me! Audio Install Mess!

So I recently did the dual screen upgrade all went well without any major problems. But i figured since i had the car apart I may as well replace all my speakers as well..... Thats when my shit hit the fan..... So my vacation came to an end and i didnt have to time to finish the install myself; I had a friend of mine finish replacing the rear doors and 6x9s. I got off work in time to see him wire in the last 6x9; assuming everything was good to go he turned the key forward and the back of my Pioneer avh-p6000dvd started to smoke! Since i wasnt sure and I'm still not sure what he did wrong i quickly unplugged the harness from the back of my unit.... Thinking i had completely fried the unit i called the nearest service shop to make an appointment. After letting it sit for an hour while i cried i went back out and hooked it back up to see if it would power on per the service centers request. and to my surprise it did.... So i've been slowly and painfully making my way through his mess and I'm in serious need of some help. First I since the mini smoke of the unit i cant get rid of this damned engine whine. Second I cant seem to figure out why I'm not able to run all 6 speakers at the same time. 6.5 componets upfront powerbass 3xl -3 ohm, rear doors 6.5 powerbass 6.5 3xl- 3 ohm to be ran by head unit. rear deck are 3xl - 3 ohm as well to run on the rear channels. Amp being used to pwr setup is a Clarion apx 4360..... any help with this would frickin great!
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