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Default Re: HID Kit Questions

8000k is what i have and i would not go any higher. The light output is good on a clear night and makes the signs and markers on the road glow from a very far distance. But they do not cut through rain/snow/fog very well due to the lack of yellow contrast. Don't get me wrong, you can see but not as far.

Putting HID's in the corning lights, i would not do it. The heat from the bulbs will melt the corning light housing if they are left on for too long. I would go with a front firing LED.

You shouldn't need anything special for the install except a 1" spade drill bit to drill the hole in the back of the headlight and some RTV to seal it. You can drop the bumper and remove the headlight with just a screw driver and socket wrench. A few people run their HID's without a relay harness with no problems but i installed one because i did not want to chance burning my harness. The ballast consume less power while running but can draw up to three times more current when you first turn them on. You can get the mounting brackets if you want but some super sticky velcro or double sided tap will hold them in place. No "bulb out" indicator eliminators are required. The kit should be plug-n-play with either the 9006 connector or simple spade connectors to stick in the 9006 socket.
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